Drake - Take Care ft. Rihanna


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2012-Apr-23 16:07:14
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Music video by Drake performing Take Care. (C) 2012 Cash Money Records Inc.

Shannon Muir
Shannon Muir 2017-Jul-27 02:28:10

too good >

Talha Siddiqui
Talha Siddiqui 2017-Jul-26 20:19:01

This song has such a feel to it..it directly takes to u those happy moments you've had in your life.

Diamond Blaze king
Diamond Blaze king 2017-Jul-26 19:36:30


Diamond life 89 Jefferson
Diamond life 89 Jefferson 2017-Jul-26 19:23:27

2017?? Anyone

Adaeze Ilonwafor
Adaeze Ilonwafor 2017-Jul-26 06:38:39

They really be long to each other😢

neenee savage
neenee savage 2017-Jul-26 05:35:59

i love this song its the best all my memories

Jyoti Malik
Jyoti Malik 2017-Jul-26 04:11:01

2017 fam

Natalie Thomas
Natalie Thomas 2017-Jul-26 03:33:12

Cause you dont say you love me tell your friends when they ask you but we both know you do 💔💔

Rafe Adler
Rafe Adler 2017-Jul-26 03:19:45

So Many Memories..

Rebootdantewifey 2017-Jul-25 23:42:31

I was going through alot of bullshit when this song came out.......despite the bad memories its a good song

Dre 2017-Jul-25 21:45:47

This song brings back memories then I go on a throwback spree anybody else ?

Bruna Santos
Bruna Santos 2017-Jul-25 17:05:56

i am 100℅ sure that this song is about rihanna and Drake's history, idk why she didn't wanted him, after all the things

Miss Bee
Miss Bee 2017-Jul-25 08:55:53

Love this song, it brings back so many fun memories and I was 4 when this song came out and I can remember all the words from when my mum and dad used to listen to it with me!! 😹❤️ xx

Shaboi Skinny
Shaboi Skinny 2017-Jul-25 05:19:45

If the world ever has and apocalypse I would kill all of you Fucks

karel bishop
karel bishop 2017-Jul-24 22:40:10

Prepare for take care 2

CuteBellaLove 2017-Jul-24 21:46:58

2017 anyone?😭😍❤

Виктор Г.
Виктор Г. 2017-Jul-24 21:23:50

I was 12 when this song camed out.. i really liked the song from the first moment after that i started to get addicted to it. Now all is just memories with this song hanging with friends, relationships playing games while listening music with this song was fucking relaxing! Back in the good 2012..

Tatted Turtle
Tatted Turtle 2017-Jul-24 21:12:54

Does this song make anyone else think of the ghetto

Jay HappyStories
Jay HappyStories 2017-Jul-24 17:55:15

How is drakes voice so high in this haha

aive mate
aive mate 2017-Jul-24 16:48:53

Go listen to "Malaika - Destiny" the beat is the same ☺