Lego Pokemon Go


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2016-Dec-23 22:17:47
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Lego Pokemon Go is Funny Lego Stop Motion Animation. Created by FK Films.

Joe Brown
Joe Brown 2017-Apr-25 19:52:48

I'm stupid because i got Pokémon go today

Trainyman 123
Trainyman 123 2017-Apr-25 02:06:20

I found a wild FK films!

Catch: FK replies
Berries:normal reply

Jimmycasket 20
Jimmycasket 20 2017-Apr-24 10:29:56

u play pokeman go every dayyy

Brendan Odamaki's ポケモンマスター
Brendan Odamaki's ポケモンマスター 2017-Apr-23 06:08:24

pokemon go is dangerous it can kill a person

Lego goku dtufios
Lego goku dtufios 2017-Apr-21 22:08:44

what app do u use

Lili Gfgbbg
Lili Gfgbbg 2017-Apr-20 15:54:28

no jueges pokemon es un juego que da muso riesgo

Matty Brus
Matty Brus 2017-Apr-18 07:48:52


Obi Nobi
Obi Nobi 2017-Apr-16 22:22:45

but nice video keep up the geed work

Obi Nobi
Obi Nobi 2017-Apr-16 22:22:23

i hate pokemons

구독자 제발구독자100명 이라도 되면 좋겠다
구독자 제발구독자100명 이라도 되면 좋겠다 2017-Apr-16 08:59:08


brick master 123
brick master 123 2017-Apr-13 11:47:23


Abu Rahman
Abu Rahman 2017-Apr-13 10:41:35

He is safe unlike the other Pokemon go players

LegoTimeFunTime 2017-Apr-11 03:31:26

Poke'mon fans in a nutshell.

Doctor X
Doctor X 2017-Apr-10 22:41:30

What is the one with the purple banana for a tail?

Janita Miñoza Mabini
Janita Miñoza Mabini 2017-Apr-08 14:57:37

ccfggg c g6o
zbbc b s o

Pug Dude
Pug Dude 2017-Apr-08 09:37:22

How do you make objects fly

Guilherme 101
Guilherme 101 2017-Apr-08 01:40:09


Blaze Gunnerz
Blaze Gunnerz 2017-Apr-07 14:46:30

U sure? Y not create ye own Lego bricks

Deluxeguy 2345
Deluxeguy 2345 2017-Apr-07 08:46:21

Dangerously funny

Jammi Harwig
Jammi Harwig 2017-Apr-04 11:29:26

Wow, this vidio is cool