Startled Cats Compilation


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2016-Aug-06 14:17:02
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| funny cats | funny cats compilation | startled cats | no cat no life | funny cat compilation 2016 | funny | cats | compilation | startled |
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Daffa Sube
Daffa Sube 2017-Jul-25 11:46:11

Natalie Ella
Natalie Ella 2017-Jul-25 06:42:46

When the cat was on the window was not funny he's an asshole fuck that bitch

Depesh Gurung
Depesh Gurung 2017-Jul-24 18:30:07

H what did you tell him isa

Avakin Nya
Avakin Nya 2017-Jul-24 08:03:18

This is not animal abuse. For the people who think this is abuse y'all need to go back to school and learn more about what abuse means. Like realtalk. It's not hurting the animal so it isn't abuse. And if you don't think Scring cats is funny then why you click on the video if you don't like seeing cats getting startled. Smh Y'all need a life.

Lucy Marcia
Lucy Marcia 2017-Jul-23 20:42:21

OML I DIED at !!! 🤣🤣🤣

Syed Mohd Agil
Syed Mohd Agil 2017-Jul-23 09:56:52

wait! scaring cat is animal abuse? so scaring human could be human abuse too!! oh shit we need to ban horror film and scary games!

Stefan Zaugg
Stefan Zaugg 2017-Jul-22 19:02:41

Likikjoi,ju of

Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen 2017-Jul-22 02:36:26

.... I'm k

Darkangel 49
Darkangel 49 2017-Jul-21 22:42:36


100% for all of you saying this is animal abuse your wrong.

please shut up I haven't seen 1 stupid comment saying it's animal abuse so read the comments first before you act like a smart ass.

22ivj04 2017-Jul-21 20:27:27

Stupid people!

Familia  Matos Borsato
Familia Matos Borsato 2017-Jul-21 18:46:40


Esthela Cabrera
Esthela Cabrera 2017-Jul-21 12:41:15


Florencia Diaz
Florencia Diaz 2017-Jul-20 16:37:59

Que chistoso

Florencia Diaz
Florencia Diaz 2017-Jul-20 16:37:45


خالد خالد
خالد خالد 2017-Jul-20 14:01:29


German Sheperd xXDogXx
German Sheperd xXDogXx 2017-Jul-20 08:48:15

i peed on myself cause I was laughing so hard😂😂

Amatveev123 2017-Jul-20 01:28:53

what song?

Guilherme Salatiel Lopes
Guilherme Salatiel Lopes 2017-Jul-18 18:30:48


로얄클래시 2017-Jul-18 15:14:34


Silvershock Nicktail
Silvershock Nicktail 2017-Jul-17 23:44:12

A startled cat is a pretty ordinary occurrence, but if they ever get a plastic bag stuck around them, for fuck's sake put the camera down and help. They're running like crazy because they can't get away from the scary thing, and it will be constricting around them. I've had a few cats get stuck in bags like that before and they both ended up scared of the sound of plastic. Not fun hearing your kitten hissing like crazy from the other room, only to find her dragging herself around by her front paws pissing everywhere because the bag handle is squeezed around her abdomen.