Inside the Future of Cars - BMW CES 2017


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2017-Jan-08 04:13:28
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5 Gadgets to Start 2017: Inside the BMW Sculpture car tech concept at CES 2017! Big shoutout to BMW for sponsoring my CES 2017 coverage! Subscribe! Snapchat: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Isaac De Pina
Isaac De Pina 2017-Apr-25 05:33:04


CarGuys 101
CarGuys 101 2017-Apr-23 23:16:16

can it drift?

francisco santos
francisco santos 2017-Apr-22 21:17:56

You are already in the Matrix. And the Matrix has you.

Steve Gilbert
Steve Gilbert 2017-Apr-21 19:54:41

best future invention ever

marios aggourakis
marios aggourakis 2017-Apr-19 14:41:36


y tho
y tho 2017-Apr-16 17:17:19

Can i watch porn in it?

owly 12
owly 12 2017-Apr-15 16:46:22

It might come out in 2020, but I don't know, I don't exactly have 2020 vision

Psycho Punk
Psycho Punk 2017-Apr-06 23:44:55

That's fucking awesome

solarlola 9
solarlola 9 2017-Apr-06 14:29:27

where are the tires

DEDSEC 13055
DEDSEC 13055 2017-Apr-04 15:46:04

It's official we are ready for 2020

_ Mechros _
_ Mechros _ 2017-Apr-01 19:10:44

Past 2015 tho. The movie wasn't accurate

The Brayden channel
The Brayden channel 2017-Mar-28 02:40:36

The future has arrived

Jared Morgan
Jared Morgan 2017-Mar-25 19:33:54

This kid is a total dip shit. How does he get 2 million subs? Wow.

Sage 93
Sage 93 2017-Mar-23 22:49:04

does 2 guys look like FBI agents

AdwikTRM 2017-Mar-21 10:49:00

Is it just me or whenever he touches the hologram the ultrasound makes like a faint noise picked up by the camera

Mystery MayMays
Mystery MayMays 2017-Mar-21 04:06:12

Gee, how can we make cars cool but safe from crashes and danger? (snap) I GOT IT! LET'S GIVE IT 3 SCREENS FOR THE DRIVER TO LOOK AT WHILE DRIVING

Microwave 5606
Microwave 5606 2017-Mar-17 21:14:35

No front :(

TheVoid &Corrupted
TheVoid &Corrupted 2017-Mar-17 12:35:01

Everything is Chrome in the future

TheVoid &Corrupted
TheVoid &Corrupted 2017-Mar-17 12:34:19

i like the fact that i wouldn't be able to buy this. everrr