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2017-Jan-11 19:26:00
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VLOG CHANNEL: Click To Subscribe, Become a Homie: Hey my homies! In today's video, I'll be showing you how I refresh my day old curls! I think the most important part of maintaining your curls should be How you actually sleep in your curls. Here is my video of how to sleep in curls. How to Sleep with Curly Hair: SONGS: KEEP IN TOUCH - MESSAGE ME, TWEET ME & TAG ME!!! (I try to respond to everyone)- Twitter is my most used app: INSTAGRAM • jordeecakes TWITTER • jordeecakes SNAPCHAT • queenjordee - - - - - - GET $$$ MONEY BACK WHEN YOU SHOP ONLINE: FASHION NOVA - Use code XOJORDEE to get 15% off your order! #NovaBabe #Fashionnova MAKEUPGEEK is one of my favorite makeup brands, such great quality and also affordable! Check it out: MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS AND DISCOUNTS: Campfire 3D Fiber Mascara by Peak Cosmetics. Get a 300% increase in the volume of your lashes! Use promo code GREATVIEW to get 50% OFF & FREE SHIPPING. Duvolle - Professional-quality hair styling tools. Use promo code LIVEANDLOVE for 65% OFF & FREE SHIPPING on all styling tools & a free detangler! FAQ♡: Age? 18 Height? 5'10'' Real name? Jordan Hi'ilani ♡ Ethnicity? Portuguese, Hawaiian, Scandinavian & African American - - - - - - Hey my homies! To all my new subscribers, my name is Jordan Hi'ilani ♡ also known as jordeecakes jay here on Youtube! I'm just an extraordinary girl who films different videos related to fashion & beauty. In my channel you'll be able to find videos of different makeup looks, everyday makeup routines and makeup tutorials I have created as well as how I incorporate different pieces of clothing into multiple outfits like lookbooks, OOTDs, OOTWs, and a ton of back to school videos and content. Also check in monthly for favorites and clothing haul videos! *Some links may be affiliate links

Helena Lončarić
Helena Lončarić 2017-Jul-02 20:35:41

thanks so much! my hair was staring to get cury when i was 13 and it took me 5 years to get it right? thanks!

Gabriella Molina
Gabriella Molina 2017-Jun-30 15:47:19

I thought I was the only 1too

jimin lover
jimin lover 2017-Jun-19 14:29:59

how old r u

p 16
p 16 2017-Jun-12 21:43:33


Jasmin Curls
Jasmin Curls 2017-Jun-05 20:22:45

what colour is thid hair!!!!!! i need to dye mine thissss colour

The Kytana Pullian
The Kytana Pullian 2017-Jun-01 19:48:58

you are goals 💗💖

SerenaMusicaPrincipessa 2017-May-09 04:55:34

oh my gosh you look like my idol jordin sparks! you're so beautiful!

Alexx 2017-Apr-22 17:20:15

How do you wrap it up in the shower? I can get second day hair, but as soon as I get in the shower it just gets frizzy. I guess from the steam in the shower. do also put something over my head before I get in the shower.

manwlia nikoli
manwlia nikoli 2017-Apr-22 16:03:40

i love your videos . your advices works for my hair like heaven and you dont use a shit ton of produst .thank you <3

Courtney M
Courtney M 2017-Apr-17 03:20:19

After I take my hair out of the pineapple the next morning, I have way too much volume at the roots (like i actually look crazy). Any tips?

Chayma Harizi
Chayma Harizi 2017-Apr-12 13:51:38

i love ur hair

Alicia Gutierrez
Alicia Gutierrez 2017-Apr-05 03:29:30

She sounds like Sarah Baska

Victoria Bryer
Victoria Bryer 2017-Mar-26 04:35:13

I'm subbed to at least a dozen curly hair YouTubers, I need the tips and techniques I feel as if I can't​ do anything with my hair

Olivia O'Connor
Olivia O'Connor 2017-Mar-25 01:41:32

I know the song is planez but what's the remix in the beginning?!

Maddie Leigh
Maddie Leigh 2017-Mar-24 23:51:52

your hair is SO much more manageable than mine!!

Mary Cabello
Mary Cabello 2017-Mar-24 13:51:00

what if your hair is too short to put up like a pineapple?

Michelle McColgan
Michelle McColgan 2017-Mar-14 06:44:51

Omg you have no idea how much I relate to you and your hair. My hair looks exactly like yours but orange, and your videos make my life so much easier. Thanks so much💕 and here's my Insta if you wanna see what my hair looks like m.mccolgan

Analysa Nichole
Analysa Nichole 2017-Mar-12 23:48:17

I would always try and wake up and would think my hair is suppose to fall perfectly, this video makes me feel a lot better!!

Beautygurl Dani
Beautygurl Dani 2017-Mar-11 13:32:08

Your makeup is so pretty also thanks for making tons of videos on Curley routine they all help so I don't have to straighten my hair all the time !!!

oh2cute4words 2017-Mar-11 04:07:57

Does this work for 6th day hair too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣