Do's & Don'ts of Drawing Hair! (For beginners/stylized)


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2017-Jan-12 00:17:09
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Edit: New video on more realistic hair now up! Hello everyone, in this video for beginners i'm going to be going over how to draw hair in an easy simple way. Hope you guys can learn something from this video! Let me know what you want to see next! Love you guys! - Rae Connect with me: Instagram: @Rae_Dizzle_ Storevny: Twitter: @Rae_Dizzle Tumblr: @Superraedizzle Business Inquires: Get my exact products: -Dixon No.2 Pencil: -General's Soft Charcoal Pencil : -Faber Castell Eraser Pencil: - Tortillion: -Mechanical Pencil:

SuperRaeDizzle 2017-Jan-12 01:51:49

NEW DETAILED VIDEO NOW UP!!:) hey everyone! keep in mind is a tutorial for beginners to make a more advanced look you can add more texture, sections, strands, highlights and shadows! love you guys and see you next video!
Edit: New video on more realistic hair now up

Dejan Banjevic
Dejan Banjevic 2017-Jul-24 19:02:34

Both don't look natural. No hate.

Tara Driscoll
Tara Driscoll 2017-Jul-24 15:56:30

Lick my bum stupid idiots

KaninBullen YT
KaninBullen YT 2017-Jul-24 02:17:32

The hair is too smooth and it doesn't look like a bunch of chunks

Elyas Belkhir
Elyas Belkhir 2017-Jul-21 17:25:35

It helping my skills are horble :( no one helps my drawing I just wanted to draw aphmu katlyn ivy its funneh kc

CookiesRock 2017-Jul-19 05:19:40

"Press hard on your mechanical pencil."

.......It broke

mini lifecookie3
mini lifecookie3 2017-Jul-14 17:07:22

thnx my hair drawings look like crap

Chroma 2017-Jul-13 18:12:59

no offense but the hair u did is kinda bad too...

Fanni Boda
Fanni Boda 2017-Jul-12 10:17:17

Even the "do" is a don't!

Mattie Fagan
Mattie Fagan 2017-Jul-09 20:00:38

I was looking for hair tutorials and can't seem to find a good one for what I need. Stupid art of mine and stupid person I'm drawing for not having hair placed a certain way. But in all seriousness, I did what was said for a different pic then added a few details for a more realistic copy of what I was recreating. It's not helping me with my current project though…… sadly. But this drawing will take a few months to be quite honest, I'll skip some of hair for a while and come back to it. I started with a perfect circle, added another (for a hat), the drew a really really rounded chin (because that's how it looks in the picture I'm copying). But I'm so impatient about a lot of things, but drawing really isn't like that to me. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate doing it, but I love doing it

katie oelschlager
katie oelschlager 2017-Jul-07 23:18:55

iam crying now because you are  going to fast

Paula McMullen
Paula McMullen 2017-Jul-07 20:13:28

can to try to draw braids

Paula McMullen
Paula McMullen 2017-Jul-07 20:12:04


Jojoto Pep Lol Yech
Jojoto Pep Lol Yech 2017-Jun-28 13:38:19

left one looks like steel

Rodrigo Jimenez Cifuentes
Rodrigo Jimenez Cifuentes 2017-Jun-27 15:03:26

This, my friend, is crap XD

Jade 2017-Jun-26 13:10:49

the don't looked better lol

Mazmaz 2017-Jun-25 19:19:06

The hair looks really good (the do side, at least lol). No hair is that perfect, but it looks really good ^^

UltimateWeirdo 2017-Jun-21 08:03:09

Well really there are no Do's and Don'ts of art, that's the freedom of art. Do what you want with your art that's, well, the point of art to create what you want it doesn't matter what other people think, if your just beginning or even if your experience your still creating what you want. Damn, that is soooo unlike me I actually got very deep. shivers

Alicia Carnegie
Alicia Carnegie 2017-Jun-14 19:20:51

you look like larenzside

Squickenstar123 2017-Jun-10 17:04:53

Most people will get annoyed but I just use the same regular school pencil for all the drawings I do
Any tips for that?