3 HOURS The Best Relaxing Piano Flute Music Ever


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2014-Feb-27 08:00:13
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The music you are listening to and enjoying is actually by Dean Evenson and Tom Barabas from the album WINDDANCER. You can learn more about their music at http://www.soundings.com. It is important to know who it is really by. Here's the album link: http://soundings.com/product/winddancer/ Buy it now on ITUNES! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wind-dancer/id77721863 Background image: Viviana Guzman, http://www.Viviana.org http://www.youtube.com/user/empressviviana 3 HOURS The Best Relaxing Music Ever Piano Flute is exellent Background Healing Sleep Music.Get 3 hours of relax with this romantic instrumental music composition and calming ocean waves on background. . Original language of this video description is English. All other translations were made by Google Translator. Sorry for any inconvenience !! Finally!! Our Music is Live on Web from 1st of February! OUR NEW RELAXING MUSIC ALBUMS ARE AVAILABLE on ITUNES and other 130+ MUSICAL Stores and Steam Services! ITUNES https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mrm-team/id1042049102 See other links in "About" Section or Google

Melissa Levatino
Melissa Levatino 2017-Jul-27 02:03:29

Love yoll😴😴😇😭

William Phillips
William Phillips 2017-Jul-27 00:57:54

Relaxing and peaceful music. The movie was very good also. Each time I listen to the soundtrack I recall the scenes in the movie.

Naveen Ashwapathi
Naveen Ashwapathi 2017-Jul-26 20:06:12

I had a dream in which i loved my furture wife so much with this music.

MNejc 2017-Jul-26 19:51:21

makes me crying

Yanuaris Tulasi
Yanuaris Tulasi 2017-Jul-26 18:57:12

i'm feeling free

raullastair 2017-Jul-26 12:32:56

This is so relaxing 😌

LPS. DRIMMING 2017-Jul-26 12:26:03

Daha çok çişim geldi

Diya Sen
Diya Sen 2017-Jul-26 10:57:22


ERKAN can 2017-Jul-26 08:58:03

abi ses onnumara yapanı elerine

nancy torres
nancy torres 2017-Jul-26 06:08:13

Hermosooo !!! :-)

arshiaarashi 2017-Jul-26 03:03:20

بسیار با احساس و ارامشبخش

adan Khalaile
adan Khalaile 2017-Jul-26 00:07:44

واو روعه😚😙😛

Iulyan Boaca
Iulyan Boaca 2017-Jul-25 20:52:00

i hope all is ok

Abby Tackular
Abby Tackular 2017-Jul-25 20:48:02

Wow it's perfect for relaxing and reading 📖

Amour Pardon
Amour Pardon 2017-Jul-25 18:09:15

Everyone believes in what he want?
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The Holy Spirit vision

Ashish Painkra
Ashish Painkra 2017-Jul-25 17:34:29


Azmi Hdhili
Azmi Hdhili 2017-Jul-25 17:16:39

Hey if you see this comment have a good day :)


I like it .... That's great!

Mikey  Orbigoso
Mikey Orbigoso 2017-Jul-25 15:43:19

goodnight from japan everyone
oyasuminasai xxx

antonio jose lopez j
antonio jose lopez j 2017-Jul-25 13:57:33

es muy buena