OvO Producer Explains why Drake's Project 'MORE LIFE' is called a 'Playlist'.


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2017-Jan-12 02:13:05
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Sebastian Fernandez
Sebastian Fernandez 2017-Apr-02 18:06:42

Akademiks panties were dripping wet like Niagara falls while making this video

Jenzo VFX
Jenzo VFX 2017-Mar-05 14:47:18

Drake sdropping it in April guys.. You cunts retarded... We droped views in april... and he drops more life in april PLUS HE'S STILL MAKING SONGS YOU DUMB ASS NERDS

John E Memphis (Newfoundland Hip Hop)
John E Memphis (Newfoundland Hip Hop) 2017-Mar-05 13:23:50

yah its an album duh. no one pushes back a playlist. im sick of hearing about views release date. im done. atayed up again last night to hear it. drake gonna push this back like dre. its actually coming out in 2025.

Triggly Happy
Triggly Happy 2017-Feb-22 17:38:49

Akademiks the type type of nigga to watch vintage Nickelodeon just for Drake and Josh

Darrien Myers
Darrien Myers 2017-Feb-10 22:43:57

Man shut the fuck up, damn

Wavez 2017-Jan-24 08:11:15

"Dwellers of the sweatshop.." omfg this nigga too much 😂

John Jones
John Jones 2017-Jan-21 22:12:46

akademiks the type nigga to go to a drake concert and throw his draws on stage

Tyler Soto
Tyler Soto 2017-Jan-20 17:15:13

Bro everything drake drops is fuckin gold to these people and cmon u can't even blame them drake is the top of the charts all the way around... so therefore I think he'll hit a milly again with that "playlist"

PITTViper 2017-Jan-19 23:35:15

Stop saying the word, "OVO Sweatshop".

Jitzoh 2017-Jan-19 18:32:58

The playlist will include mainly uk grime artists.

Jae Trill 30
Jae Trill 30 2017-Jan-18 04:50:57

Legend has it that Akademiks hacked Mia Khalifa's account and turned down Drake's porno request to her because it wasnt him

Trenton Nicholas
Trenton Nicholas 2017-Jan-18 03:11:29

DJ AKEDEMIKS! No no no, you got it wrong they need to stop making hits!!! All he has is hits, why would I download his fucking album when the whole damn thing is damn on the radio

Trenton Nicholas
Trenton Nicholas 2017-Jan-18 03:08:11

This nigga stupid I thought I was gonna become a fan of drake😂😂😂😂his stupidity annoys me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 2017-Jan-18 00:36:44

Culture vulture Drake is gonna try to push U.K. Grime/Rap, hence why it's called more life, and act like he was the one responsible for making it global when it's pretty much already known everywhere except America.

enishi4ty5 2017-Jan-17 23:53:27

Lmaooo what? I don't usually comment on these vids but what does he mean drake doesn't try to put out new artists? Say what you want about the ovo sweatshop, drake has put very low-key artists on his commercially will received albums, damn near giving them full songs. Weeknd have drake half of tc and he's heard on almost every track. Kendrick was on the come up but he got his own song. Makonen was garbage but drake made that song pop, and party has been on a steady climb. Major Jordan getting recognized. I mean duh people gotta grind on their own,but drake does lend himself to people, putting what would be a good but unheard song in the limelight. Did he make come and see me better? No, but it did get probably the most plays off that album..weeknd stayed cool with drake after the fallout and he's developed himself,unlike makonen who is dead in the game..

Manos Athitakis
Manos Athitakis 2017-Jan-17 18:10:23

Drake isn't the introducing Artist's type? Pssshh what shit you on..

FingerLakes BassFishing
FingerLakes BassFishing 2017-Jan-17 00:18:47

DJ Akademiks the type of nigga to fart in private, then do a video on it

John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez 2017-Jan-16 22:00:37

It's releasing on Apple Music as a playlist lol

Jake Culbertson
Jake Culbertson 2017-Jan-16 21:16:28

You'd be a lot more successful if you were a sit down YouTuber and we saw your face on camera. I don't see why not?

George Kenny
George Kenny 2017-Jan-16 19:00:35

when is more life dropping?