Rihanna Shades Jennifer Lopez over Drake Romance on Twitter


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2017-Jan-03 17:10:15
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Move over Rihanna, your BFF Jennifer Lopez is coming in for sloppy seconds! The rumor mill is buzzing about Drake and J-Lo’s hot and heavy romance. The rapper and super hot triple threat have been spotted out together A TON lately, and Rihanna ain’t havin it! First let me catch you up on their supposed romance. So Drake and J.Lo are reportedly working on a new project together, and per usual that brings celebs in SUPER CLOSE contact with one another. Well you know, one recording session leads to another, leads to dinner and drinks, leads to attending each others shows in Vegas. AND that’s exactly what happened with Dra-LO… YES, we just coined that combined couple name! Last month in early December Drake went to TWO of J-Lo’s Vegas concerts back-to-back and was also seen leaving a West Hollywood restaurant with her. Fast forward to New Years Eve and they were spotted together once again, this time J-Lo was watching Drake perform. Drake went on at Hakkasan Nightclub on the 31st while J-Lo tried to keep herself out of the public eye, but really didn’t do that great of a job! Side note, she canceled her New Years Eve show in Miami.. No clue as to why… BUT she knew when that hotline bling! Drake performed a number of his hits including his and ex-Rihanna’s hit song, “Work,” but surprisingly cut it short saying, “That was the vibe of 2016 … you’ve got to give it up to my new music.” Drake and Rihanna were off and on for years and FINALLY they went public about dating back in August. Now, if you didn’t know, J-Lo and Bad Girl RiRi used to be super tight, like BFF’s. That isn’t the case anymore. Rihanna did what any pissed off high-profile celeb does, and she UNFOLLOWED J-Lo on Twitter. It’s a vicious friend-love triangle! Last year Rihanna sent J-Lo a pair of $4,000 boots to dance in her music video “Aint Your Mama.” She even called her BFF “The Baddest.” Now Rihanna may be calling Jenny from the Block the baddest, but more in the context of like BADDEST FRIEND EVER! Rihanna has not publicly come out and bashed J-Lo or said anything, but I think the social media shade is enough to draw our own conclusions. What are you guys thinking of this Drake and J-Lo romance? Is it real or nonsense, and does Rihanna have any right to be pissed at J-Lo? I mean RiRi is the one who played with Drake’s heart for years… Let me know what you think in the comments below. Subscribe ►► http://bit.ly/SubToHS Get the scoop - Check out our site: http://www.obsev.com/entertainment Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollyscooptv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollyscoop Find us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollyscoop Hollyscoop brings you the latest entertainment news and breaks down what's happening with the celebrities everyone is obsessing over, like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and more. We keep you up to date with the latest buzz out of Hollywood.

Amanda Keller
Amanda Keller 2017-Jul-17 00:29:10

Yes rihanna has a right to do friend her

Ummhany Mohamed
Ummhany Mohamed 2017-Jul-07 08:22:49

Drake want to sleep with every known singer only to be famous no love.

Adrienne Harrison
Adrienne Harrison 2017-Jun-26 15:51:34

Jennifer Lopez is way more beautiful than Rihanna

Vineeta Pathak
Vineeta Pathak 2017-May-14 14:36:22

I don't think drake and jlo banged , I don't think Rihanna banged drake either

kayla Collins
kayla Collins 2017-Apr-28 09:17:24


Goldine Saintil
Goldine Saintil 2017-Apr-19 17:27:50

drake your my fav but Jlo is my wifey

Shireen Worthington
Shireen Worthington 2017-Mar-27 02:11:55

I don't get it, what do they see in him he cannot even dance. No rhythm probably shit in bed.

Pranks Vevo
Pranks Vevo 2017-Mar-13 11:23:53

Jlo is such a a cougar

Rose G Chin
Rose G Chin 2017-Mar-06 15:20:33

oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rihanna has always loved CHRIS BROWN!!!! fuck this shit, age aint nothing but a number.... beside it has to do with social circles, like he is gonna go date Rihannas old friend from school...get real

Son simmons
Son simmons 2017-Mar-02 23:51:47

Jlo needs to get back into the limelight she desperate can't trust anyone rayray

gtab sss
gtab sss 2017-Mar-02 08:08:42

she probably squirts....probably his phase in life for a squirter

Leeann Pham-Dhabhar
Leeann Pham-Dhabhar 2017-Feb-25 02:39:28

Ho' and more ho's

Mia Cat
Mia Cat 2017-Feb-25 00:58:33

J.Lo is a big thighed loose flapped whore. She's 50 odd for christ sake! She's hot but she is definitely in a midlife crisis!

rayshawn howard
rayshawn howard 2017-Feb-24 00:16:43

if Drake is smashing Jennifer Lopez that's their business so what they are both adults now to be in a relationship that's different I understand but if they're fooling around that's okay because I am 30 years old too I will fool around with her too who wouldn't fool around with Jennifer Lopez you got to be crazy not to

Pomo Miwok
Pomo Miwok 2017-Feb-23 22:45:59

everyones fucking Jennifer Lopez clone

Emma evans
Emma evans 2017-Feb-23 12:19:40

I love Riri but she was the one who wasn't sure if she wanted him or not when he was obviously so in love with her now she should let him move on

Heather Jones
Heather Jones 2017-Feb-21 03:22:25

she is better than that Ri Ri you didn't want him cause he ain't man enough for you be glad that he's off you're hands. i cant talk shit cause i love both of these Ladies but i knew Jenny first as well as Bey just saying "Bitch Bow Down" TeeHee😂😂😂😂

RealTakerslady 2017-Feb-20 05:50:48

Don't see why Rihanna would be mad, if she wants him she should stop being off and on.

Ranisa Mullings
Ranisa Mullings 2017-Feb-19 17:05:59

Jlo is so disrespectful and rude to her best friend

jazzy crowd
jazzy crowd 2017-Feb-19 13:01:05

jlo is a uncertified hoe, just ball out Rhianna I'm watching