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2016-Dec-21 10:52:55
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braveheartbob 2016-Dec-21 14:18:36

such morons. funny how they're always in such a hurry but if u get in their way, all of a sudden fucking with u is more important than whatever they were hurrying off to.

teicix 2017-Jul-21 15:34:04

I used to like bmw,but knowing that many morons also prefer them,I seriously would never buy it.

Nick Der Bozz
Nick Der Bozz 2017-Jul-16 14:45:20

people in the comments mad about not being able to afford a bmw. stfu u prius or a class drivers

Jesper C.
Jesper C. 2017-Jul-08 11:56:08

It's important that all the idiots keep driving BMW. It makes them easy to spot in traffic.

andrea gomes
andrea gomes 2017-Jun-26 17:43:46

they think they can do whatever they want with no consequenses
fuck off

Gerald Tobing
Gerald Tobing 2017-Jun-10 15:06:17

Looks like most of them already forgotten something crucial.... Brake

De Shot-M8
De Shot-M8 2017-Jun-10 09:28:18

i have an bmw and i drive normally as others but if you give any car to an young person it will look like this (or a rich douche)

no way
no way 2017-Jun-09 18:23:55

Salute to those BMW drivers! They have achieved nothing, but causing chaos, mayhem, damage to property, threatening people's lives and overall being absolute CUNTS. Keep going guys, you are great!

babapg 2017-Jun-06 20:38:32

just Russians (with BMW)

Jeff Eng
Jeff Eng 2017-May-24 13:56:57

I noticed many BMWs spun out when they swap lanes. Are BMWs that sucks in handling?

Carlos AC
Carlos AC 2017-Apr-09 02:40:30

He Dabbed

Kevin Charmillot
Kevin Charmillot 2017-Mar-03 22:43:54

I'm a Bmw driver BUT not a typical bmw driver

Emir 89
Emir 89 2017-Mar-03 10:03:42

RUSSIANS are really stupidest humans all of universe

George Austers
George Austers 2017-Feb-28 17:04:40

I'm getting a BMW but I won't be driving like an idiot

- -
- - 2017-Feb-27 19:09:28

bmw owners
they don't have any idea about driving

Олег Шепель
Олег Шепель 2017-Feb-26 16:23:36

Вот я никак не пойму, толи в России просто больше машин и видеорегистраторов чем у всех остальных в мире, толи на столько много идиотов на дорогах.

POLICE CHASE USA 911 SAMBOAVTO 2017-Feb-24 15:49:38


20Durango04 2017-Feb-24 01:26:45

I'm in complete disbelief and shock at how these people got their hands on a car and a license. I think 5 year olds playing GTA drive better than this.

Brandon D
Brandon D 2017-Feb-22 23:57:27

At I was like oh shit, he's getting a gun 😂

Brandon D
Brandon D 2017-Feb-22 23:48:22

This video makes me not want to drive.