Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan


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2013-Sep-26 03:00:01
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| drake | drizzy | majid jordan | hold on | we're going home | new song | new video | nothing was the same | young money |
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iTunes: http://smarturl.it/DrakeNothingTheSame Amazon: http://smarturl.it/DrakeNWTSDlxAMZ Google play: http://goo.gl/wgJZD9 Music video by Drake performing Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan. © 2013 Cash Money

Dertav R
Dertav R 2017-Jul-24 06:10:12

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Romario Pollard
Romario Pollard 2017-Jul-24 01:16:25

I love my baby so much verry mucht

MatyJoaco Acevedo
MatyJoaco Acevedo 2017-Jul-23 22:39:42

Prontoo Volveree Pa' Traaa

Patrina Sutton
Patrina Sutton 2017-Jul-23 22:23:36

Drake is the best song 😇😇😇 😇 😇😇 😇 😇

Jade Felix
Jade Felix 2017-Jul-23 22:23:01

Tyga's rack city is the btec version of this

Helma Wilks
Helma Wilks 2017-Jul-23 20:39:47

be happy ill always lv u

Amy Palencia
Amy Palencia 2017-Jul-23 17:43:24


lawrenc lim
lawrenc lim 2017-Jul-23 14:19:02

the drake guy who sucks cock

Matthew Chiasson
Matthew Chiasson 2017-Jul-23 13:50:12

Leah Nicole Namer. l want you back. l miss you. l love you

Romario Pollard
Romario Pollard 2017-Jul-23 13:06:27

I love my men👨‍👩‍👧🤘💔💓❤💘💖👄💋

Romario Pollard
Romario Pollard 2017-Jul-23 13:05:37

This song is voor me and my men

Lena Valladolid
Lena Valladolid 2017-Jul-22 21:30:39

Lovee this song so much 😊😊

Akira Uk
Akira Uk 2017-Jul-22 20:42:44

pitticca sa cazzara

William Peterson
William Peterson 2017-Jul-22 18:26:01

I wonder if fredo brought his own guns lol

Kiky Xoxo
Kiky Xoxo 2017-Jul-22 10:24:28

Wtff i cant believe this song was realised 4 years ago...

Iyanna George
Iyanna George 2017-Jul-22 00:48:50

what the name of the white guy who was on drakes team but turned out to be an opp

willy54th 2017-Jul-22 00:40:26

Did he just shoot his buddy in the head

Erik Tellez
Erik Tellez 2017-Jul-21 22:44:48

I love how majid is singing the whole song and jordan produced it

David Sucgang
David Sucgang 2017-Jul-21 18:22:40

Lesson learned: never try to bang any of Drake’s many bitches

Jhon Osorio
Jhon Osorio 2017-Jul-21 04:45:05