Drake - Childs Play (Official Video)


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2016-Sep-04 03:38:15
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Drake's new video ' Childs Play ' from the new album Views.

Penelope Mitchell
Penelope Mitchell 2017-Mar-19 03:46:40


melvin barnett
melvin barnett 2017-Mar-19 03:09:21

Y'all know that on the real this bitch ain't pulling this shit!

Jessica Cruz
Jessica Cruz 2017-Mar-18 23:07:38

I love tyra yo

Lil' Tatiyana
Lil' Tatiyana 2017-Mar-18 22:07:28

"Why you gotta fight with me at cheesecake?"

Braedon Ondos
Braedon Ondos 2017-Mar-17 06:13:55

I 👏🏾 AM 👏🏾 TIRED 👏🏾 OF 👏🏾 THIS 👏🏾

Ryan Gee
Ryan Gee 2017-Mar-17 01:37:03

like a college running back LOL his dance is so funny

team!0 edits
team!0 edits 2017-Mar-17 01:31:37

nigga this shit to long this aint no Michael Jackson video

Ben Spagnuolo
Ben Spagnuolo 2017-Mar-16 21:04:41

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Brandon Burden
Brandon Burden 2017-Mar-16 17:41:10

"Way down yonder in the Chattahoochee it gets hotter than a hoochie coochie" lol haha!

Nathan Hababou
Nathan Hababou 2017-Mar-16 13:30:47

this a place for families that drive camry and go to disney they dont need to know all about bushiness

Matthew Peck
Matthew Peck 2017-Mar-16 04:12:36

I love this!!! so good

Charnae Stross
Charnae Stross 2017-Mar-15 18:43:40

LOL the Texas Hammer Jr isn't wearing spurs but they edited in the metal clanking noise when he walks anyway

Alex Gerber
Alex Gerber 2017-Mar-14 14:53:36

Listen to my new tape "Here Goes Nothing" now on Soundcloud

Yolanda Romero
Yolanda Romero 2017-Mar-14 03:20:25

he should've choose someone other than tyra banks, she scary.

GIR 93
GIR 93 2017-Mar-13 20:14:47

Half of ya'll "dudes"/ "guys" DO NOT wash ur hands..Before eating or after pissing..just wanna put that out there..

me you
me you 2017-Mar-13 07:05:01

all the legends respect Drake because they know making hit songs in hip hop ain't easy and Drake does it consistently

Kassandra Caez
Kassandra Caez 2017-Mar-12 22:27:34

So extra -_-

Kassandra Caez
Kassandra Caez 2017-Mar-12 22:26:58

So exstra-_-

Cairo DeGaillard
Cairo DeGaillard 2017-Mar-12 08:03:12

ob has lost some weight since started from the bottom

Kano Cove
Kano Cove 2017-Mar-12 06:12:40

i swear this video a soap opera. mannn when she threw thay cske in his face my eyes watered.. pure genius... she a great actress