Rihanna - Work (Explicit) ft. Drake


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2016-Feb-22 17:00:00
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| rihanna | drake | work | work official music video |
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Teklezerai 123
Teklezerai 123 2017-Jul-27 06:45:31

I love you so much more than happy with the new one😚😙

Karol Benitez
Karol Benitez 2017-Jul-27 06:22:37

Alguien noto Que Se Le Veían Los Pezon3s ?

Muhammad Ilham
Muhammad Ilham 2017-Jul-27 04:54:24

work work work work sumiati work workwork work

Ranjit 2017-Jul-27 04:37:09

This a disastrous agenda in the garb of feminism which is being pushed to desensitize the men towards female anatomy . Cant belive this is what our kids are going to grow up watching. The sooner this ' no-bra' nonsense stops the better.

Sir Crow
Sir Crow 2017-Jul-27 04:16:48

The fact that this song is popular really shows humanity's new low.

สมอย หำจิ่
สมอย หำจิ่ 2017-Jul-27 03:59:42


Jeremiah Joiner Waters
Jeremiah Joiner Waters 2017-Jul-27 03:31:28

Don Omar Cebu Vines

catalea lor nguia tobo
catalea lor nguia tobo 2017-Jul-27 01:18:50


Le Ralle
Le Ralle 2017-Jul-27 00:59:21

What I hear

Work work work work da da da da

Infernowolf gaming
Infernowolf gaming 2017-Jul-27 00:56:19

damn two years and this song hasn't came out in English

김도현 2017-Jul-27 00:40:07

I wanna eat this girl

Madis Cortes
Madis Cortes 2017-Jul-27 00:13:37


Chanio !
Chanio ! 2017-Jul-27 00:07:25

Rihanna is QUEENNNN

Ekacahya Garfiantama
Ekacahya Garfiantama 2017-Jul-26 23:34:25

Wk Wk Wk Wk Wk Sumiati

Yaritza Sorto
Yaritza Sorto 2017-Jul-26 23:29:54

I love 😍

black wool
black wool 2017-Jul-26 22:52:41

2018 Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

Chevonne Lewis
Chevonne Lewis 2017-Jul-26 22:52:33

Drake just doesn't belong here...this is our Caribbean culture ..should have gotten a nigga from J.A

Don't Read My Profile Picture
Don't Read My Profile Picture 2017-Jul-26 22:42:51

Who's watching this in July?

Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos 2017-Jul-26 22:11:19

Waaa waaa eaaaa

Crazy lazy dude`s
Crazy lazy dude`s 2017-Jul-26 22:01:49

Rihanna works. Britney works. Iggy works. Fifth harmony works. I am a potato.