Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna's Wedding


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2016-Feb-01 03:10:41
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Thanks for watching! A couple of things - if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please do. I regularly upload wedding films and other vids here. Second and more importantly, please do check the video production services we offer for weddings, events and commercial work. Check the website - or email me at Home: Words and Music by the very talented Reese Lansangan. Arranged by Allen Dave Articulo and Choi Padilla ___ It was 2008. I met Pauleen for the first time, attending the wedding of Ruby's brother in Boracay. She was a stunner back then as she is today, albeit more quietly confident now. After the SDE, she said - "I'm single, I'm with no one right now, but when it's time, I'd love for you to film my wedding." "Gladly!" I said. And a pact was made. Late last year Vic finally proposed, and truth be told, I was hesitant to reach out first. I hated to intrude and "make papel." But this girl, she made good on her promise, just a couple of days after a message popped in my inbox. "Gladly!" Happy beyond words that finally, both of them are "home". ___ Oh my love Did they tell you Just how long a time It took for me to get to you And when the world Said it's impossible Said it's improbable The chances of me finding you But nobody knows How we go When we're alone It's like we're home My bones are safe And my heart can rest Knowing it belongs to you My world is changed And it's cradled by The comfort that is you Ooh Oh my love My head is reeling And I am running out of air I need to breathe in I didn't know That it was possible To put all that I am In the palm of your hand Now we're unstoppable But nobody knows How we go When we're alone It's like we're home But nobody knows How we go When we're alone It's like we're home

Roy Garcia
Roy Garcia 2017-Jul-20 22:31:01

Pareho silang masaya at walang pinilit so walang problema.

ناىتyour so good more blessing to come ناابا
ناىتyour so good more blessing to come ناابا 2017-Jul-19 01:06:48

walang kupas ang kagandahan ni kristine hermosa...

Ihong Jennymae
Ihong Jennymae 2017-Jul-04 00:47:37

tsk tsk tsk mga walang magawa sa buhay kundi puro pang babash lang ang alam yung tutuo nkakapag aral ba kayu??

oh baka nman hindi kaya ganyan kayu mga asal aso mga walang kwenta pweee !
pakamatay nalang kayung mga bashers baka sakaling matuwa pa si lord sa in.u paka pang lait eh wagas !
edi kayu na perfect !!!
mga walang mudo!

xtracreep *
xtracreep * 2017-Jun-30 18:20:18

Si Oyo: bibigyan ko rin ng ecstacy tatay ko para tumalon din ng building hehehehhehehehehhe

xtracreep *
xtracreep * 2017-Jun-30 18:17:48

C Oyo nkabantay yan hahaha, kahit ako kakantuten ko yan pag wala erpats ko

Jayjay Rempillo Gillego
Jayjay Rempillo Gillego 2017-Jun-30 15:16:12

nakakaiyak sa akin

robert josafat rivera
robert josafat rivera 2017-Jun-30 02:37:20

magakahig si Pauleen Lunakay Kristine Hermosa...pareho nang Taste sa babae si Bossing Vic at si Oyo Boy...

Evelyn Nadao
Evelyn Nadao 2017-Jun-20 22:34:18

plastic ng face mom n pauleen

Evelyn Nadao
Evelyn Nadao 2017-Jun-20 22:31:41

is this Vic Sottos first wedding vow?

Glen Salcedo
Glen Salcedo 2017-Jun-20 10:51:27


Jerico Lutrania
Jerico Lutrania 2017-Jun-16 10:03:14

Sugod bahay gang pasok!

Jerico Lutrania
Jerico Lutrania 2017-Jun-16 10:02:19

Ang ganda ng Enteng kabisote! Sulit bayad!

EMP Strings & Wind Ensemble
EMP Strings & Wind Ensemble 2017-Jun-02 04:44:09


Hanzelle Barizo
Hanzelle Barizo 2017-May-28 01:47:36

bat ang ganda ng ver ng home dito 😭😭😭 where can I downloooaaaadddddd

aprilshane danila
aprilshane danila 2017-May-27 04:01:08

Yung kanta tlaga ang maganda 😍

Hey Boi
Hey Boi 2017-May-20 15:42:09

im sorry but i dont really know much about philippine show biz but i stayed tere for like a month but at first i thought it was her grandfather but turns out she was marrying him 😂

Gina Mcjump
Gina Mcjump 2017-May-20 06:22:56

congrats bossing

Mc Gam
Mc Gam 2017-May-13 14:13:12

And Yes Pauline Blessed with child now Mother na rin siya soon....

Samaantha Jones
Samaantha Jones 2017-May-11 08:49:02

Beautiful video! For Videographer in Richmond VIC, visit:

john ceni
john ceni 2017-May-03 16:57:19