Reacting To Cringey Musical.lys pt 3 With Hair Jordan


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TheBusyIzzy Show
TheBusyIzzy Show 2017-Jul-16 19:29:34


Ariba Tariq
Ariba Tariq 2017-Jul-11 09:06:32

When you're watching this right after her most recent video... I can't look at him the same

Jenny Aguilar_Love
Jenny Aguilar_Love 2017-Jul-10 03:05:42

What kind on music you use for your channel on the background?
(plz tell me, I want to know cuz Eugina use these songs for her channel too)

Jenny Aguilar_Love
Jenny Aguilar_Love 2017-Jul-10 02:57:25

Hi Taylor, I"m new here😊💕

TUBBY- TASTIC 2017-Jul-01 05:40:38

Wait what who is her boyfriend because I saw her and Diego kissing hard but no she did a boyfriend tag with a different person and can someone explain what happened to Gregory

Captain_ Falcon
Captain_ Falcon 2017-Jun-28 22:01:16

the first one is Salice Rose and she did that on purpose to get a laugh

Twenty One Panic!At The Crybaby By Fall Out Boy
Twenty One Panic!At The Crybaby By Fall Out Boy 2017-Jun-26 20:11:54


Mckaylie Wienczkowsi
Mckaylie Wienczkowsi 2017-Jun-26 20:00:31

salice rose 💕💕

Mee Mee
Mee Mee 2017-Jun-15 15:57:25

Applause for The hair dye trio XD

Cynthia Khumo Ketshabile
Cynthia Khumo Ketshabile 2017-Jun-15 12:45:16

your destroying your life with alcohol

Kawii Potato aka Phan
Kawii Potato aka Phan 2017-Jun-13 01:35:18

Your nose is pierced? Wow I'm stupid lol but mine is too

Ashley Hammond
Ashley Hammond 2017-Jun-12 00:16:15

R they still dating or is the person who fake like married her the same guy

Hayley Twiss
Hayley Twiss 2017-Jun-09 06:30:22

the hair in this video made me so happy

haha Thisisnotfunny
haha Thisisnotfunny 2017-Jun-08 21:53:12

but caisey Simpson is not..... cringe

Lizzie Carter
Lizzie Carter 2017-Jun-06 04:39:16

The guy with the green hair is spaz

Raygan Cheyenne
Raygan Cheyenne 2017-Jun-05 16:53:42

la devotee is in the background

Meagan Harmon
Meagan Harmon 2017-Jun-05 00:23:23

"This kid's..... cringy, he's on Nickelodeon.... Nickelodeon is cringy..." - Taylor... I'm on Nick now so I'm like oH

Kuna 424
Kuna 424 2017-Jun-02 14:39:17

I love Casey Simpson

Megan & More
Megan & More 2017-May-29 18:53:39

You should block out their names for privacy reasons :)

Ryan Tesone
Ryan Tesone 2017-May-28 15:35:07

Why does she hang out with emo guys?