Barack Obama Singing Starboy by The Weeknd (ft. Daft Punk)


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2017-Jan-11 12:00:02
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Secretly recorded shortly after giving his farewell speech. I've got shirts coming out next Monday! Stay tuned. Business Inquiries: Created with Vegas. Click here to get it and support the channel: Creator and Executive Producer: Fadi Saleh Producer: Alec Coffman Music Producer: Vexari ► | Top fans: Join our email list to get content and updates you won't get anywhere else. Subscribe to Baracksdubs for more ► Watch all my videos in 20 minutes ►

baracksdubs 2017-Jan-11 18:36:55

Thanks for watching everybody! Look out for my new shirts next week, along with a special video for the inauguration!

If Obama could say anything, what would it be? As always, let me know in the comments with "Obama should say"!

NARUTO ANiMe Ferretiz
NARUTO ANiMe Ferretiz 2017-Apr-28 01:42:00


Darin  Aguirre
Darin Aguirre 2017-Apr-27 21:53:14


Lamar HD
Lamar HD 2017-Apr-27 17:29:03

would you please make Obama sing a song for tupac California love

Pj Kazumba
Pj Kazumba 2017-Apr-27 13:35:17

haha dope

Alyla Futch
Alyla Futch 2017-Apr-27 04:35:27

I miss Obama!!!

parham messi
parham messi 2017-Apr-27 02:42:32


MAKE it 2017-Apr-26 18:48:41

Can u make are u sure by coroner Maynard

Brandon Nightingale
Brandon Nightingale 2017-Apr-26 14:16:44

It was funny. I really liked this.

Nicky John
Nicky John 2017-Apr-26 00:31:20


Sneha P
Sneha P 2017-Apr-25 22:23:40


House of Friends
House of Friends 2017-Apr-25 21:46:13

I liked Obama as a president, idk why others said he was horrible.

Ece 2017-Apr-25 17:03:42

Reis beee

NixNitzIty Yeh xD
NixNitzIty Yeh xD 2017-Apr-25 01:53:49

Aw I wish he could still be president ;c

Mahardika Pandu
Mahardika Pandu 2017-Apr-25 00:26:43

aaaaaa ak ak ak aaaaaa ak ak ak

Sebastian Ordonez
Sebastian Ordonez 2017-Apr-24 18:00:32

Milo es

Crybaby's no fun bittersweet tragedy
Crybaby's no fun bittersweet tragedy 2017-Apr-24 07:01:13

doctor: you have a minute and thirty two seconds to live


Tường Nguyễn
Tường Nguyễn 2017-Apr-24 01:14:05

Better than Trump

Endo - Roblox and more!
Endo - Roblox and more! 2017-Apr-24 01:11:41

IM a mother fucking starbucks

Noah Brown
Noah Brown 2017-Apr-24 00:33:13

can't wait til we see trump ones