John Legend - Love Me Now


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2016-Nov-11 15:00:01
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| columbia | love me now | john legend | r&b |
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John Legend's official video for "Love Me Now" Get his new album 'DARKNESS AND LIGHT' today! Shop The John Legend Music Store: Follow John Legend: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

Chantel Williams
Chantel Williams 2017-Apr-26 02:02:47

love song very beautiful awesome amazing and special and lovely💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Foxes_Forever 2017-Apr-26 00:57:03

This only has about 101 million views, this song is great but no one listens to it ;-; ( well at least not on the original video which helps John Legend get more money and support to create for songs for us to listen/watch )

chelsea fan
chelsea fan 2017-Apr-25 22:57:07

thus song makes me cry

Mary Lavoie
Mary Lavoie 2017-Apr-25 22:41:34

i liked it yaaaaasssssss

Clara Hyun Joo Lee
Clara Hyun Joo Lee 2017-Apr-25 21:39:32

The song was sooo beautiful that made me cry

Makayla Childs
Makayla Childs 2017-Apr-25 20:51:26

I ❤💙❤you

EmeraldViolet69 2017-Apr-25 18:08:23

Beautiful song

jus dorange
jus dorange 2017-Apr-25 16:50:14

the world is an arse, nobody?

Bazarof Cedrick
Bazarof Cedrick 2017-Apr-25 14:22:36

j'adore 💙💜❤💟

Steven Brathwaite
Steven Brathwaite 2017-Apr-25 14:15:40

dope video!!!!

Ben Durdan
Ben Durdan 2017-Apr-25 11:59:16

that makes me cry

Akshita Sharma
Akshita Sharma 2017-Apr-25 07:18:21

baby Luna😍😍

RB26DETT 2017-Apr-25 06:53:38

Who came here from National Geographic?

Travis Downs
Travis Downs 2017-Apr-25 06:37:38

I'm a straight man, but it's so awesome seeing music videos that openly display lgbtq love. Love will always prevail. :)

isabella 2017-Apr-25 01:07:03

chrissy or christy teigan she was on lip sync battle

Tania Rosales
Tania Rosales 2017-Apr-24 22:08:13


Woman Human
Woman Human 2017-Apr-24 20:18:15

What a beautiful and powerful video. Thank you

Kingsley Onuoha
Kingsley Onuoha 2017-Apr-24 19:29:04

Nice one

Rasaanh 2017-Apr-24 17:26:05

Absolutely beautiful.

A P H R O S E 2017-Apr-24 16:31:01

Hey guys!! I did an acoustic mashup video of Love Me Now and I Don't Wanna Live Forever on my channel, would appreciate if you checked it out!!