Cute Kittens Compilation 2015 [NEW]


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2015-Jan-16 17:55:39
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Cute kittens doing funny things will always going to cheer you up. Watch these funny kittens in this compilation of cute kitten videos.

Electric Chief - Clash royale and more
Electric Chief - Clash royale and more 2017-Jul-23 21:36:26

I hate kittens

Megan Schilt
Megan Schilt 2017-Jul-23 18:21:47

I don't like cats or kittens, but these were actually kinda adorable!!!

Aisha Shayna Pascual
Aisha Shayna Pascual 2017-Jul-23 08:56:58

I cant handle the cuteness!!

MadAngel21 2017-Jul-22 23:45:41

I want a kitten so bad, but my mom's a "no pets" person. I think she's still traumatized by our last pet, Amelia.

Zack and Zane
Zack and Zane 2017-Jul-22 17:19:59

Posted back in 2015

Says "NEW" Even though it was posted 2 years ago

Nana Playspro
Nana Playspro 2017-Jul-22 17:17:10

OMG when i get bigger i gonna get ALL THE ADORABLE KITTENS IN TGE WORLD!
Like if you want also I GONNA LIKE MINE!

Adi Sadewa
Adi Sadewa 2017-Jul-22 04:35:39

I prefer kittens than kids

Elizabeth Loveless
Elizabeth Loveless 2017-Jul-21 15:17:45


jarratt51 2017-Jul-21 13:15:27

Ending song?

AnimeChild 2017-Jul-21 12:48:19

I too spiderman my way up a leg of a man who is feeding me
Not giving a shit if I scratch him.

WendellMark Fernandez
WendellMark Fernandez 2017-Jul-21 06:52:58

Awww iloveyou cutie ❀️😍 kitten 🐱

Ayman 1
Ayman 1 2017-Jul-20 16:57:59

I love cats there cute

Crusader Dumbalot
Crusader Dumbalot 2017-Jul-20 01:29:44

How to restore Manliness from cuteness overload from kittens

Answer u are fucked

Ivy Jamsly
Ivy Jamsly 2017-Jul-18 21:19:27

Cool this kittens are perfects for my breakfast πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ

Tom Myers
Tom Myers 2017-Jul-18 16:39:29

im ded

OnniYT 2017-Jul-18 06:25:41

I Never Regret Watching Videos Like This

Cohen McHardy
Cohen McHardy 2017-Jul-18 03:39:02

Intro song?

Kawaii Dreams
Kawaii Dreams 2017-Jul-18 02:18:35

I watch funny cat videos because its the closest i can get to one without having a fit of sneezes

selinay tuana kaya
selinay tuana kaya 2017-Jul-16 13:33:48


Raf Diamond
Raf Diamond 2017-Jul-16 06:15:43

sleeping greatest weakness even as a man