New BMW Alpina B6 / Exhaust Sound / 0 to 60 MPH in 3.6 sec. / BMW Review


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2016-Dec-30 01:00:21
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New Mineral White Metallic BMW Alpina B6 Xdrive Gran Coupe. Classic Alpina 20 inch wheels with 20 spoke design. 600 horsepower at 6000 RPM & 590 foot pounds of Torque at 3500 to 4500 RPMs. Please visit Alpina website - Follow Trish at Instagram - bmw_trisha. Please share on your other media sources. BMW Review. Car Review.

Mohammed Khaled
Mohammed Khaled 2017-Jun-17 04:52:22

hi every1, this is Scott smith from sunny southern California ..

Currys Abusive Dad
Currys Abusive Dad 2017-Jun-15 21:49:28

audi rs7 is 3.2

Ricardo 2017-Jun-14 10:04:38

Trish Is the woman indicated to show the company. She's cute, she's elegant

New Car Review
New Car Review 2017-Jun-12 11:01:44

it's beautiful! love it

kar zan
kar zan 2017-Jun-10 11:06:23

so nice

Kosar 19
Kosar 19 2017-Jun-04 04:48:08

Beautiful in all ways. The BMW is also pretty nice! Trish looks good in the back seat of the Alpina.

cameron rose
cameron rose 2017-May-26 23:02:32

lol what car

Fractal Funds
Fractal Funds 2017-May-16 06:11:49

I am switching from mercedes to bmw so i can visit Trish. Bammmm

كلاش اوف كنك صراع الملوك
كلاش اوف كنك صراع الملوك 2017-May-07 14:19:39


Rodrigo Otávio
Rodrigo Otávio 2017-May-06 16:54:52

Beautiful car but Trish is just amazing !!!

Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen 2017-Apr-30 10:43:05

sexy girl

Cesar Pacino
Cesar Pacino 2017-Apr-29 03:21:37

My goodness!!! what a great black hot color.. so pretty Trish!!

fantomas3030 2017-Apr-26 13:29:04

Proof, if needed, that nice cars get along very well with beautiful women! Scott, thanks for the vids and feats of the car, Trish, thanks for being there, so beautiful (read beootyful)

BMWWITHOUTLIMITS 2017-Apr-17 13:43:35

Awesome Job Scott & Trish!

snappy zebras
snappy zebras 2017-Apr-17 12:13:22


janua occias
janua occias 2017-Apr-10 17:07:13


Jose Rios
Jose Rios 2017-Apr-07 04:22:55

Don't like the rims....

Mohd Nana
Mohd Nana 2017-Apr-05 15:30:02


KVS 2017-Apr-03 02:22:40

Amazing car...

Aleksander Hoff
Aleksander Hoff 2017-Mar-30 11:50:09

What is this? Every single top comment is people talking about Trish's body.. and not about that gorgeous white car behind her. What is wrong with you? Get your priorities right!