The all new BMW 7 Series. All you need to know.


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2015-Jun-12 00:34:12
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Dav M
Dav M 2017-Apr-24 17:12:21

BMW only competitor Audi

Dav M
Dav M 2017-Apr-24 17:09:24

BMW Copied from the Mercedes

Dav M
Dav M 2017-Apr-24 17:08:09


DealMaker ProfitTaker
DealMaker ProfitTaker 2017-Apr-23 21:31:19

Beautiful car but I'll take my S65 over it any day!

Blake Zonca
Blake Zonca 2017-Apr-23 03:01:15

Where was this filmed??

Gabrael St hilaire
Gabrael St hilaire 2017-Apr-20 21:19:02

great review

Skinny Bob
Skinny Bob 2017-Apr-17 10:50:25

Why do all BMWs look the same? Very boring.

SoloStrikOut24 Gaming
SoloStrikOut24 Gaming 2017-Apr-15 04:05:01

Nothing compared to Mercedes s600 mabach 2018

riya rani
riya rani 2017-Apr-15 03:12:23

i have this car and it's ausam

Charm Macalling
Charm Macalling 2017-Apr-11 14:08:08

I love Bmw especially this car & the i8,..... Is that a v12???

Reg Plate
Reg Plate 2017-Apr-09 22:43:52

Killing the engine? Please!

stefa4k0 2017-Apr-06 16:26:47

Talkin bout token black guy....

dre bell
dre bell 2017-Apr-01 14:59:08

wow!! didn't realize he's rapping on that song "can't hold us" he's a sexxeee man...

dre bell
dre bell 2017-Apr-01 14:51:12

fucck the car I want the man. he's a sexxeee man..

X_QueenMillie_X MUSICALLY 2017-Mar-30 15:56:19

This car is awesome I want one ☝️

Die Agentur
Die Agentur 2017-Mar-29 19:13:18

The Automaticly stuff sucks since Tesla can drive autopilot mode to where you're at! hahahaha

Jay Castillo
Jay Castillo 2017-Mar-27 00:56:31

Imagine trying to remotely park your car into a parking space then it just decides to have a mind of its own and just runs off leaving you stranded

Majesty 6
Majesty 6 2017-Mar-23 04:17:02

Why would anyone wanna live that far from the city and in the middle of no where seems kinda lonely and boring if you ask me

dzanek19 2017-Mar-20 10:34:58

Where is it recorded?

Zhao Jay
Zhao Jay 2017-Mar-20 00:16:32

Benz feel better, for sure