Full Event: President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Press Conference at Trump Tower 1/11/17


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2017-Jan-11 18:15:43
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017: RSBN's Liz Willis is here LIVE as President-Elect Donald Trump will hold a press conference at Trump Tower in New York just days before taking the Oath of Office.

connor long
connor long 2017-May-04 17:46:30

this was made the day my dad died :-(

Ruth Butler
Ruth Butler 2017-Apr-11 22:50:22

Yay - Right Side!

Dean Croney
Dean Croney 2017-Feb-21 00:40:29

the western mainstream media are enemy's of the west who want to shut people up

stillayl 2017-Feb-18 23:05:28




hauntedhouse2012 2017-Feb-17 22:13:44

Steve I love you, not in a homosexual way, tho I could understand why if people felt that way,

Brucev7 2017-Feb-17 06:09:11

I was laughing. It was good. Shep and many I bet, still do not get it.

Evangelina Martinez
Evangelina Martinez 2017-Feb-17 01:19:35

Sorry I don't enjoy watching Right Side Broadcasting since you put in these guys who talk and talk and talk. I just want to listen and watch the News. Not your endless comments.

joseph zylstra
joseph zylstra 2017-Feb-15 02:47:25

For press conference.

Tight Flight Productions
Tight Flight Productions 2017-Jan-26 04:17:20

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托馬斯 2017-Jan-20 06:50:08

Donald trump says China is a faker.He is such a stupid man .Always says China is hacker.That is horrible.Stupid man donald trump No brain.Use brain to say thing please.nowadays China is strong

Funk Enstein
Funk Enstein 2017-Jan-20 03:15:12

CNN has been relegated to the trash heap of history.

mastertheillusion 2017-Jan-19 20:29:11

The great american hustle.

MR.DEPLORABLE 1776 2017-Jan-19 17:51:03

God thank you! Finally a president who cares about the 🇺🇸people!

SFGCHANGA1AV 2017-Jan-19 00:09:05

putins bitch😗

Ubair Shafaat
Ubair Shafaat 2017-Jan-18 23:02:37

A great guy. Just to put forward these kind of ideas, I believe he is a going to be a good president.
Also hopefully the corruptions of the world will see a reduction.
Ubair Shafaat
From, Pakistan :D

carolannaugustus 2017-Jan-18 21:25:38

I wonder if he's still lying about how many jobs he saved with carrier? Since he lied about it before, the head honcho union guy called him out on it, then trump started dissing him on twitter

earth shaker
earth shaker 2017-Jan-18 14:17:09

the more I listen to trump the more stupid n illiterate he sounds to me....he may have fooled them trailer park trash who are banging their own relatives but he can't fool me

Noctivagus Silecioso
Noctivagus Silecioso 2017-Jan-18 09:32:13

Where's Alec Baldwin

Daniel Kobylianski
Daniel Kobylianski 2017-Jan-17 17:46:15

in-duh-stree! lmao 😂😂