Amazing Real BMW Transformer


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2016-Sep-23 14:22:35
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Letrons first model and leader “Antimon” took 8 months to complete. Letrons can be for sale if the buyers project and their reasons for use, meets the criteria of the Letrons team. Antimon has been built using an actual car. The cars are not drivable in traffic yet. They function via remote control. This is possible in the near future due to its electric engine. Walking functionality was not developed for Antimon. The walking functionality can be added if a reasonable funding is provided for a new research and development project. If you love cars you should subscribe now to YouCar the world famous automotive channel: Thanks to All the Best.

Seher cAn
Seher cAn 2017-Jul-23 21:25:40

Abi ben bu arabayi alcam

msela nondo
msela nondo 2017-Jul-22 09:59:14

this guy play with black spiting cobra which is very dangerous grouped in high poison snakes

Gvardia Pro
Gvardia Pro 2017-Jul-22 05:45:02

Very beautiful ! , Thumbs UP , Thank you very much :)

BARAN 2017-Jul-21 21:58:45


T Bradshaw
T Bradshaw 2017-Jul-19 23:07:46

who the f*** is this demo Transformer based on

T Bradshaw
T Bradshaw 2017-Jul-19 23:07:44

who the f*** is this demo Transformer based on

Cecilia Jitaru
Cecilia Jitaru 2017-Jul-19 17:43:18

fake fake fake

Raaghav Agarwal
Raaghav Agarwal 2017-Jul-19 10:36:18

that's junk

Dilakshan YT
Dilakshan YT 2017-Jul-18 16:55:18

Fuck this is real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StefanVukCFC games
StefanVukCFC games 2017-Jul-14 18:56:31

roses are red,
violets are blue.
the title is english,
you should be too!!

Alex Colman
Alex Colman 2017-Jul-14 18:17:40

WTF!! !!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

P Ch
P Ch 2017-Jul-12 20:37:09

Hooray!I saw Transformer in real life!Hard work to make it transform.They needed CGI for the robot to make it transform.

Hannah Lucero
Hannah Lucero 2017-Jul-10 05:58:42

what that is cool

Brendan Gill
Brendan Gill 2017-Jul-10 03:48:13

just don't make them have a type of mind or some crazy crap can go down qwick

Robert Gasparetto
Robert Gasparetto 2017-Jul-09 19:21:15

Why a fucking BMW though

Monster mutant car BAD
Monster mutant car BAD 2017-Jul-09 08:35:10

I'm getting it's a figuer

Yusuf Aykul
Yusuf Aykul 2017-Jul-08 00:50:41

Kıskandınızmı amk yabancılar

Skeet Fleetz
Skeet Fleetz 2017-Jul-07 21:38:06

This looks fake

Ahmet Kar
Ahmet Kar 2017-Jul-06 19:57:32

bu türkler bi harika

Military Planner
Military Planner 2017-Jul-06 18:36:54

BIji PKK <3