The ideas behind the BMW VISION NEXT 100


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2016-Mar-08 16:01:49
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BMW celebrates its 100th anniversary. This isn't just an opportunity to celebrate the pioneering achievements of our past. But also to look forward to the exciting times ahead: with the BMW VISION NEXT 100. Experience the BMW VISION NEXT 100 interactively at . Sheer Driving Pleasure of the future – What will it look like? Over the coming years, mobility will become increasingly diverse. In the not-too-distant future, most vehicles will probably be completely self-driving – people will get around in robots on wheels. So, given these developments, how will we justify the existence of vehicles by BMW, a brand for whom the individual and Sheer Driving Pleasure are the focus of everything? And how will BMW’s brand values translate into the future? In developing the BMW VISION NEXT 100, the main objective was to create not an anonymous vehicle but one that is highly personalised and fully geared to meet the driver’s every need – because the very emotional connection between a BMW and its driver is something we want to retain. Drivers decide how they want to travel in future according to their needs: fully-automated driving with the opportunity to relax, work or be entertained – Ease Mode. Or drive themselves: in a vehicle fully customised to their preferences, where everything revolves around them as the “Ultimate Driver” – Boost Mode. For the BMW VISION NEXT 100, the design team specifically took into account all the trends and technological developments that will be most relevant to BMW in the decades ahead. But they also took many of their cues from innovations and designs of the past.

Rami Bouaouni
Rami Bouaouni 2017-Apr-10 19:33:41

waw strong idea

Anymation 2017-Apr-10 04:21:25

Some i robot looking shit right dere lol

no name
no name 2017-Apr-06 13:53:53

design lika mouse hate

jerolvilladolid 2017-Apr-01 01:14:03

The white germans are being pushed out of the BMW design teams and thats why they have this kind of future vehicle. Nothing about this orange fantasy car is practical.

shino_sensei 2017-Mar-20 16:43:40


tomte47 2017-Mar-16 23:21:33

BMW Trump edition

Hendrik Lemcke
Hendrik Lemcke 2017-Feb-12 16:07:39

Hahaha shit car

aka entertainment
aka entertainment 2017-Feb-05 12:17:18

when will it realse

YaraLove 10
YaraLove 10 2017-Feb-02 18:04:14

Im i have BMW

Ivana Vasileva
Ivana Vasileva 2017-Jan-30 13:59:33


Gustavo Mendez
Gustavo Mendez 2017-Jan-30 03:32:14

BMW Es lo mejor q puede haver

Bezu99 2017-Jan-24 22:29:51

the '50-'00 cars are the best....i dont know what pleasure will be to drive this new's dream's vs hollywood shit

Basih 2017-Jan-18 21:15:02

You could count this as one of the ugliest creations ever made imo <.<

Milroy Desousa
Milroy Desousa 2017-Jan-14 20:13:13

BMW is the future

Chalk 2017-Jan-13 06:50:59


King of the road
King of the road 2017-Jan-12 15:50:58


21 Air
21 Air 2017-Jan-09 11:59:02

I bet the price for this car will give bill gates a tough time😂

Rayenne of Tatooine
Rayenne of Tatooine 2017-Jan-06 01:20:37

BMW do you have any idea of the approximate pricing on this vehicle? I am interested in purchasing one.

Nikomaxos 13
Nikomaxos 13 2017-Jan-02 17:42:24

if it doesnt drift why should i buy this?

Herman Willems
Herman Willems 2016-Dec-29 10:18:53

The Question is, when is BMW making reliable engines?