Being Chauffeured in the New BMW 7 Series - TECH FEST!


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2015-Dec-09 18:00:01
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I take a look at the new 7th generation BMW 7 Series, and specifically a 730d; playing around with the new remote key and vast array of features present in the car. After a look throughout, a short drive on the road to test some of the features, it's off to Heathrow to pick up a friend who then chauffeurs me back into London - an opportunity to play with more toys! Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

jeff yu
jeff yu 2017-Jul-20 01:52:13

is this the cheapest 7?

Funtime freddy
Funtime freddy 2017-Jul-13 17:36:17

i love the car!!!but i have 14 years old

Prime Tryon
Prime Tryon 2017-Jul-12 12:40:53

That key needs to charge?

hans 2017-Jul-09 17:24:06

scheisse wenn der schlüssel nicht läuft xD

djemila ndama
djemila ndama 2017-Jul-09 14:14:58


Abhi Roshan
Abhi Roshan 2017-Jul-02 18:33:51

did this was real

Vivek Pandey
Vivek Pandey 2017-Jun-30 19:03:06

Form back it's not look great

marta cruz
marta cruz 2017-Jun-27 13:18:06

fala muiiiiiito Zé mane

a cool dude Who is sick
a cool dude Who is sick 2017-Jun-23 15:56:20

The maunal is online

a cool dude Who is sick
a cool dude Who is sick 2017-Jun-23 15:55:57

I have the car....

selsabil selsabil
selsabil selsabil 2017-Jun-22 18:13:32


Sneha Sneha
Sneha Sneha 2017-Jun-20 04:49:10


Sneha Sneha
Sneha Sneha 2017-Jun-20 04:49:08


Sneha Sneha
Sneha Sneha 2017-Jun-20 04:47:36


Yogesh Sakhardande
Yogesh Sakhardande 2017-Jun-18 00:49:55

I'll go with the x6m

manggo tan
manggo tan 2017-Jun-15 07:06:09

this car how much???

murat mustafa kan oska
murat mustafa kan oska 2017-Jun-13 22:34:05

sikdin sene o arabayı alaman amk

Ed Barnes Guitar
Ed Barnes Guitar 2017-Jun-08 17:30:47

It's not as nice as the S class.

Actually Racing
Actually Racing 2017-Jun-04 19:59:35

here is what you been waiting for

Eduardo Monarrez
Eduardo Monarrez 2017-Jun-02 02:20:13