Being Chauffeured in the New BMW 7 Series - TECH FEST!


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2015-Dec-09 18:00:01
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I take a look at the new 7th generation BMW 7 Series, and specifically a 730d; playing around with the new remote key and vast array of features present in the car. After a look throughout, a short drive on the road to test some of the features, it's off to Heathrow to pick up a friend who then chauffeurs me back into London - an opportunity to play with more toys! Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Eric Huffstutlar
Eric Huffstutlar 2017-Apr-24 19:28:48

I can do this same thing on my chevy and I don't have to carry around that clunky FOB! It's called an app and it works with this thing called a smart phone.

Herobrineson 2017-Apr-22 00:07:18

hey guys I'm shmee Me: so u have a small shmee

Peter Emney
Peter Emney 2017-Apr-14 19:18:45

All I care about is seeing drive the car

James Jiang
James Jiang 2017-Apr-13 22:21:40

whre is the cupholder

no name
no name 2017-Apr-06 14:07:30

not interesting i like us car

CW SGT 2017-Apr-03 12:46:21

Way tooooooooooo much silver well polished aluminium over trim the fact that people call or silver shows exactly why they have bad taste... no one has yet worked out the lights and especially sunlight reflects annoyingly off all the "silver" trim and it's not rocket science to work out that glare and reflections within the cabin bouncing into the driver' eyes is somewhat annoying and down right dangerous and no window tinting doesn't stop and if it did then what's the point of having the windows open and close in the first place and let's not forget the windscreen has zero tinting to prevent and reflections

harri cardeau
harri cardeau 2017-Mar-26 16:46:24

Do You no Mo vlog

Manisha Christian
Manisha Christian 2017-Mar-26 05:24:22

I love you B.M.W.

Hulk Superpowerful
Hulk Superpowerful 2017-Mar-24 00:21:48

Shmee Top and We need more videos 4K resolution about perfect mercedes AMG suv gle 63s coupe soon please

Abubakar El-nafaty
Abubakar El-nafaty 2017-Mar-22 00:33:54

Homie said the exact same thing about the 5 series. "Tech fest"

Singh Shalu
Singh Shalu 2017-Mar-14 12:34:47

Your vedio are very interesting

Kondi17 2017-Mar-13 20:48:21

I rlly dont know why ppl like to have automatic gear box o.O Its taking out all the pleasure from driving honestly..

Viv Jebson
Viv Jebson 2017-Mar-13 17:24:58


Lagamia clarence
Lagamia clarence 2017-Mar-09 13:11:27


Fifa sukhavong
Fifa sukhavong 2017-Mar-08 17:29:30

I am both S Class 400 and 7 Series owner
And i have to say
The S Class suits my Parents perfectly as a back seats, its car makes the back seats feels like a real boss, and as a driver for s400 i have to say its phenomenon, it gots attention everywhere you drive, it makes you feel mature although i am just 18.
On the other hand, 7 series is for someone like me who are at Middle Ages, it looks more cooler rather than being luxury, the driving is comfortable, fast and powerful.
I'd say
SClass perfectly fits for mature people
7 series are perfectly for teenagers
Both driving are the same too me.

Daniel Lozan
Daniel Lozan 2017-Mar-08 17:20:48

All of that shit will brake in less than 5 years :D

Lol Lolol0982
Lol Lolol0982 2017-Mar-06 17:03:25

why can't they build a car that looks and drives as good as a car like the m6 gran coupe with an interior of a 7 series. I dont know why but the exterior of the 7 series seems too simple to me. I want some flair.

fauzan kiranaganteng
fauzan kiranaganteng 2017-Mar-06 09:17:14

my frend adfeel

DHANPATI DEBNATH 2017-Mar-06 07:44:20

i like it

Dashe Segovia
Dashe Segovia 2017-Mar-05 00:01:35

is that guy with a Ferrari Enzo and la Ferrari