DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You [Lyric Video]


SPOTIFY! - Listen to the first Proximity release: A song that I have been excited for, for a LONG time. I have the pleasure of providing the official lyric video for DJ Snake & Justin Bieber's track "Let Me Love You". Personally I don't know if I like Cold Water or Let Me Love You more but they are both incredible. Hope you enjoy. :) Stream "Encore" on Spotify: •DJ Snake: •Justin Bieber: Lyric video by: If you'd like to submit a picture, you can send it here: Use the new template if you would like to submit a picture! :)

Proximity 2016-Dec-01 19:12:20

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Spartan 0327
Spartan 0327 2017-Jul-27 06:18:47

Never knew Justin Bieber sang this

Aldaraa Aldar
Aldaraa Aldar 2017-Jul-27 05:34:22


RKC 2017-Jul-27 05:32:58


CreativeDaniel27 2017-Jul-27 05:30:20

I'm not really a fan of JB, but damn. This song is pretty good.

Maribel Ortega
Maribel Ortega 2017-Jul-27 05:12:31

I love your song that is let me love u Justin Bieber

Kenya De jesus
Kenya De jesus 2017-Jul-27 04:51:52

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Kenya De jesus
Kenya De jesus 2017-Jul-27 04:48:58

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Arturo Ivan Urueya Hernandez
Arturo Ivan Urueya Hernandez 2017-Jul-27 04:44:32

están bien chidas la canciones

The Great Shadow
The Great Shadow 2017-Jul-27 04:28:11

This Lyrci Video AWESOME

Debany guadalupe Garcia Vargas
Debany guadalupe Garcia Vargas 2017-Jul-27 02:56:38

justin biber es maricon

Daniel Tenezaca
Daniel Tenezaca 2017-Jul-27 02:51:00

who is watching in July 2017..... I love this song

Lorena Gomez
Lorena Gomez 2017-Jul-27 02:40:14

this is my favorite song 💙💚💛💜

Dead Sky
Dead Sky 2017-Jul-27 02:39:54

When your phone has 2% LOL

Nicholas Geary
Nicholas Geary 2017-Jul-27 02:01:56


Martin Cruz
Martin Cruz 2017-Jul-27 01:47:44

que feo me dan ganas de vomitar cuando escucho la cancion

Marinel Eblacas
Marinel Eblacas 2017-Jul-27 01:42:01

it is perfect for me

Kanyao Franklin
Kanyao Franklin 2017-Jul-27 00:42:32

thank you for making this songs 😍😍

Marlene Golfeto
Marlene Golfeto 2017-Jul-26 23:56:19


ham squad
ham squad 2017-Jul-26 22:55:32

i love justin bieber