Little Mix - Hair (Get Weird Tour Live at Wembley)


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2016-Aug-17 07:00:00
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Little Mix perform Hair on their Get Weird Tour Live at Wembley. As featured the Get Weird album, listen on Spotify Click to buy the album on iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: Stream more music from Little Mix here: More from Little Mix Love Me Like You: Black Magic: Move: Follow Little Mix: Facebook Twitter Instagram More great videos here Subscribe to Little Mix on YouTube:

Stella 2017-Jul-26 15:23:15

I wish their glory days tour had costumes as stunning as those 😍

Favour Fred
Favour Fred 2017-Jul-26 12:47:49

it's me favour again me and Katie sings this song to her boyfriend Katie's boyfriend

JELovesMusic - Jersey
JELovesMusic - Jersey 2017-Jul-22 13:13:19

"Let's all wear something pink and not tell Jesy"

Feyza Nelson
Feyza Nelson 2017-Jul-19 09:51:01

2.21-2.28 jade slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Joel Aomonst 04
Joel Aomonst 04 2017-Jul-13 20:44:28

I love perrie 💞

Joel Aomonst 04
Joel Aomonst 04 2017-Jul-13 20:44:29

I love perrie 💞

Melissa Sun
Melissa Sun 2017-Jul-13 20:27:59

There costume are so pretty

Vi Liya Toys play
Vi Liya Toys play 2017-Jul-11 04:54:29

Little mix dress 👗 is so colorful and cool 😎

Jaafariza Jaafar
Jaafariza Jaafar 2017-Jul-11 03:00:34

I like all song little mix

K-Radha Singh
K-Radha Singh 2017-Jul-10 14:53:33

I still to this day wonder if this song is about that bug in Jade's hair...

GRANT GIBSON 2017-Jul-08 18:33:07

You rocked Edinburgh last week, thank you for xxxx

Shannon Marshall
Shannon Marshall 2017-Jul-08 09:29:52

these girls are just awesome I can't get enough of them .Keep it up girls you are still as awesome as ever.

Ka Cheung
Ka Cheung 2017-Jul-06 06:53:22

Did she just say bitch him out?

Saliha Terzic
Saliha Terzic 2017-Jul-06 05:55:24


Lucky Srivastava
Lucky Srivastava 2017-Jul-01 04:51:56

Little mix i loveeeeee you i am so maddddd at little mix i love

BeulaBellafonte 2017-Jun-30 01:27:56

They are all drop dead stunning.... But we can just have a moment of silence for Leigh-Ann's body🙌🏾

Hannah Eckman
Hannah Eckman 2017-Jun-28 16:01:52

I love your singing. And your dancing at the same time. all of you are very passionate about your music

Lizzie Goodall
Lizzie Goodall 2017-Jun-27 19:57:09

I literally just realised this song is about going to the hairdresser

Tony Chunguli
Tony Chunguli 2017-Jun-24 18:57:03

Nice show impressive I liked it

mariam toloraia
mariam toloraia 2017-Jun-24 06:25:32

my dream is to see the group little mix.l exacty to you