Little Mix 'Hair' - (Live At The Summertime Ball 2016)


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2016-Jun-11 22:46:04
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Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen 2017-Jul-23 15:54:10

outfits! <333

S. Milerrie
S. Milerrie 2017-Jul-22 13:14:31

this is only one of their perfect performances.

Bagmita Choudhury
Bagmita Choudhury 2017-Jul-16 15:39:13

God after that dancebreak, don't they get tired. Like how did Jade did that?!

Kendal Humm
Kendal Humm 2017-Jul-15 20:53:23

I love how they don't try too one up each other.

Treasure Tate
Treasure Tate 2017-Jul-09 21:34:53

They got me questioning my sexuality😳

Neilson Soares
Neilson Soares 2017-Jul-09 20:25:59


chuchuchuchia 2017-Jul-07 06:57:26

This crowd is dead as hell wtf

rustom salisi
rustom salisi 2017-Jul-07 06:15:33

very talented

Hannah Eckman
Hannah Eckman 2017-Jul-05 23:02:19

This is amazing and incredible, have a good concert happy summer happy Fourth of July

Tubagus Min Lesmana Putra
Tubagus Min Lesmana Putra 2017-Jul-04 06:22:11


Angelika B.
Angelika B. 2017-Jul-02 12:11:22

These girl's looking hot af 🔥❤

Joel Aomonst 04
Joel Aomonst 04 2017-Jul-01 17:08:31

I love perrie 💖💕

francine varron
francine varron 2017-Jul-01 01:01:04


Moiz Rehman
Moiz Rehman 2017-Jun-26 18:27:01


Furious Ysabel
Furious Ysabel 2017-Jun-26 11:17:35

Jade HAIR is Hot

Got it👍👍👐

Suwapatara Karnjanasudthakul
Suwapatara Karnjanasudthakul 2017-Jun-26 08:27:30

omg im gonna die hereeeeee love my. best LM ever!!!

ArieRieRie 2017-Jun-26 00:51:06

LEIGH ANNE!!!❤️❤️❤️

aelkku 2017-Jun-25 22:27:47

best part imo

Neliza Santos
Neliza Santos 2017-Jun-25 10:08:21

perrie 😍 😍 😍

the beast Kouwastica
the beast Kouwastica 2017-Jun-25 06:03:01