Nikki and BJ: The Wedding


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2016-Jun-27 02:49:25
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Thanks for watching! A couple of things - if you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please do. I regularly upload wedding films and other vids here. Second and more importantly, please do check the video production services we offer for weddings, events and commercial work. Check the website - or email me at Gahd I love this couple. Love love them so much. Special thanks again to Mr. Johnoy Danao for writing Right Time for them . Such a beautiful song.

Aiya Abat
Aiya Abat 2017-Jul-20 21:36:37

People tell me where you can Find music -

karen manuel
karen manuel 2017-Jul-19 03:27:18

all is white..meaningful of purity..

Elma Lorzano
Elma Lorzano 2017-Jul-18 07:44:02

what a nice wedding vows.

Bailyn Abas
Bailyn Abas 2017-Jul-17 14:38:31


Maria Tranquilina Tagaong
Maria Tranquilina Tagaong 2017-Jul-14 09:20:32

wow nikki u made the right choice..GOD fearing man..inspite of the sadness from ur brek up to billy GOD given u the right man fir you..

Kree Xa
Kree Xa 2017-Jun-30 21:52:55

why is this so perfect.. so inspiring..

Jay Mimah
Jay Mimah 2017-Jun-28 01:39:43

i really love their wedding... very ideal fpr Christians😍

Faith Jones
Faith Jones 2017-Jun-21 17:45:07

Peace and love

Танюша Счастливая
Танюша Счастливая 2017-Jun-18 22:02:53

What is the song? Please, tell.

Танюша Счастливая
Танюша Счастливая 2017-Jun-18 22:01:48

What is the song? Please, tell.

Frai90 2017-Jun-04 20:23:57

Seriously, this is the very first YouTube Channel I am subscribing into. There are quite a lot of wedding film makers out there but this gives me a different feeling. Yung feeling na sa bawat wedding film na ina-upload nandun yung genuinity that captures the heart of someone watching it. Kudos! 👍👍

EMP Strings & Wind Ensemble
EMP Strings & Wind Ensemble 2017-Jun-02 13:54:13


Yam Yam
Yam Yam 2017-May-31 11:46:33

one of the reason why God allowed some things to happen between you and Billy is beacause He knows you deserve a man who can give you his life with God. This is the best celebrity wedding. I cried when your mom and dad give a speech. A heartfelt warming explosive speech that explode my heart. So touching wish I could have this kind like of wedding someday. :)

Dana Uy
Dana Uy 2017-May-31 05:08:39

Hindi ko alam basta pag gawa mo, naiiyak talaga ako. Sobrang perfect package talaga. Ang ganda ng pagkakagawa pati may laman talaga. Sobrang galing! Magiipon na ako ngayon palang para sa kasal ko, ikaw gagawa ng video namin. Haha!

Mc. Jayson Pascua
Mc. Jayson Pascua 2017-May-26 10:13:40

OMG. Nikki's Dad! I'm literally crying.

Mc. Jayson Pascua
Mc. Jayson Pascua 2017-May-26 10:09:21

Ang galing ng pagkakagawa.

Victoria Jhaycelle
Victoria Jhaycelle 2017-May-26 06:20:57

Nikki's father speech really made me cry! i hope one day when i'm going to marry my father would be there to stand by me.. ❤
Hoping that day comes he's still with me since mama had left us and went to heaven already 😢

Shela Mae Santos
Shela Mae Santos 2017-May-24 13:18:32

if i get married sir..I'll make sure I'll get you.. kahit kayo pa ang pinaka mahal sa wedding expenses ko..char..but kidding aside.. you're amazingly talented sir.. very amazeballs 😘😘😘😘

Blue Rose
Blue Rose 2017-May-23 06:38:55

Ideal wedding... Ate Nikki you deserved all the best. You deserved a right man. God Bless You both.😄

Jam Allen Peñaflor
Jam Allen Peñaflor 2017-May-19 06:06:26

all time fave