Nikki and BJ: The Wedding


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2016-Jun-27 02:49:25
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Gahd I love this couple. Love love them so much. Special thanks again to Mr. Johnoy Danao for writing Right Time for them . Such a beautiful song.

Rachelle Rosendo
Rachelle Rosendo 2017-Apr-22 17:20:50

I love you idol congrats poh..Ang tanga ni Billy.hehe..😂

Maryann Alfonso
Maryann Alfonso 2017-Apr-20 02:22:21

Nice video sir J is it in Tagaytay venue ty

Michelle Nunez
Michelle Nunez 2017-Apr-19 07:30:02

congrats nikki gil my idol......

Razhel Agpawan
Razhel Agpawan 2017-Apr-14 02:58:21

Its only now that i had the chance to watch this..congrats nkki and bj truly Gods perfect time you deserved all the happiness

Jheanne Semira
Jheanne Semira 2017-Apr-08 06:45:37

Never fails to make me cry. Love these two! 💕

Sweet Kisses
Sweet Kisses 2017-Apr-06 07:08:29

congrats both and may godbless you always...idol

Geaneva Cano
Geaneva Cano 2017-Apr-02 22:54:26

Sir.Dino!!! You are really so makulit. 😊 Nikki is really an inspiration. Waiting for the right guy na will ng Lord. ❤

Kristal Fatallo
Kristal Fatallo 2017-Apr-01 13:44:00

Such a very lovely marriage! When we let God weave our marriage and be the center He makes things beautiful at His perfect time! Im inspired! God bless the new lovely and awesome couple!

Melissa Alcantara
Melissa Alcantara 2017-Apr-01 12:37:44

ummmm oh

Melani Lomboy
Melani Lomboy 2017-Apr-01 09:12:32

Cried a lot sa message ng papa nia😘😘😘

Chan Ah
Chan Ah 2017-Mar-31 12:14:05

Truly amazing how God works! ❤ Mixed emotions, true love really waits!

lauren fernandes
lauren fernandes 2017-Mar-30 16:04:40

wow this the most beautiful wedding video i have ever seen i cant stop sobbing what an amazing love they have for each other its so inspiring to find one like this

SMALLTOWN Entertainment
SMALLTOWN Entertainment 2017-Mar-30 12:10:06

Gorgeous Wedding Video!!!!! Which cameras did use in this video??? Thanks so much....

blossominnie 2017-Mar-21 15:22:35

I randomly searched "wedding" and this video caught my attention so fast. I must say that the wedding was really fantasy-like. I hope they can be happy forever. All I can say is wow.

marife sarno
marife sarno 2017-Mar-17 02:03:16

best match ....

Tjane Palmiano
Tjane Palmiano 2017-Mar-15 02:25:42

i cry 😢❤❤❤

janna gonzalez
janna gonzalez 2017-Mar-12 20:48:07

happy aq pra sayo nikki kc nhanap mo ung taong hindi lng puro kalibugan ang alam..

Maritess Garcia
Maritess Garcia 2017-Mar-11 07:34:09

like ko tlga c Nikki gil...

Kashmen Cabildo
Kashmen Cabildo 2017-Mar-03 14:05:46

the best

kris leeping
kris leeping 2017-Mar-03 02:15:36

one of the best