Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi Wedding Film by Nice Print Photography


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2016-Jan-28 10:17:01
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Malou Cabanig
Malou Cabanig 2017-Jul-22 14:48:26


Paulie Nagao
Paulie Nagao 2017-Jul-08 17:49:52

Anu yung title ng background music ?

Aisa Tamnag
Aisa Tamnag 2017-Jun-27 22:00:15

why Cristin she look so sad

Lynda Trero
Lynda Trero 2017-Jun-22 00:34:22

may you be together forever and be blessed with beautiful and God fearing children

André Gonzales
André Gonzales 2017-Jun-18 09:58:42

Amore Chen
Amore Chen 2017-Jun-08 20:02:28

ito ang pinaka nice sa ginawa ng nice print... attached sa viewers agad.ganda!!!

Milcah Jamin
Milcah Jamin 2017-May-30 02:20:11

one of my dream wedding is beach wedding. ang ganda, ang fresh sa mata at ang aliwalas tingnan.

Michelle Barrantes
Michelle Barrantes 2017-May-29 12:55:35

Subrang simple.. But Wow .

Zenny vee Samputon
Zenny vee Samputon 2017-May-26 18:35:30

godlbess u cristine and ali...naiyak ako but elegant

donjazz shows
donjazz shows 2017-May-24 22:55:01

,this is what wedding supposed to be intimate simple elegant sincere real and true ... very inspiring

princess lee diamante
princess lee diamante 2017-May-24 05:08:01

gnda ni christine hehe..kasal na pla to haha

Cj Roldan Buscato
Cj Roldan Buscato 2017-May-22 12:54:07

spend my night watching wedding videos and this one is the simplest yet the most beautiful and classy that i've ever watched. 😍❤

kukeshka Pupsik
kukeshka Pupsik 2017-May-15 12:31:49

putang inag Duderte, best president ever!!!

May Cee Lee
May Cee Lee 2017-May-13 11:48:16


Terina Opura
Terina Opura 2017-May-10 02:36:38


Turatsinze Seth
Turatsinze Seth 2017-May-09 09:06:52

nice wedding p🌱🍯🌱🌱🍯🌱🐝🌱

Kim Kristine
Kim Kristine 2017-May-03 06:14:05

simply the BEST😇

Beverly Morales
Beverly Morales 2017-Apr-30 09:28:22

with or without make up, Christine is christine . She's so pretty :) it's like both of them are twins <3 Godbless to the both of you .

Anelle VB
Anelle VB 2017-Apr-26 01:57:32

Ali Mercadejas ang naiisip ko e! 😂😂

Adora Tina Lim
Adora Tina Lim 2017-Apr-22 06:15:08

saang lugar to?