Pokemon GO Surprise Eggs Toys Slime Clay With Pokemon Center Playset


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2016-Sep-15 22:30:01
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ALPACO 2016-Oct-23 16:37:20

I'm actually really surprised.
I never even expected that this many people would watch the video. It reminded me how much Pokémon is loved around the world.
And I'd like to say sorry for being late to comment on this.

Now, there were many questions on where I bought the play sets and the Poké balls. I usually buy them on Japanese Amazon. I bought the ones in the video on Japanese Amazon too.
Try googling "Pokemon Center XY Monster Collection " or "Pokemon Monster Collection Monster Ball". You might be able to find it (I'm sorry if you couldn't).

The miniature toys are from Japanese capsule toys, so I don't know if you could buy them on other country's internet. By the way, they're all by a Japanese toy company called "Takara-tomy ". It's my favorite toy manufacturer.

Also, this video is supposed to be a production. Pokémon balls and eggs don't actually come out of play sets. I made this video because I thought it would be fun to have something like this.

And finally, someone pointed out that this video was about Pokémon, boy about Pokémon Go. I'm sorry for making it confusing. I will be careful from now on.

I'll try my hardest to make videos that can entertain you. I'm really grateful for everyone's support. Thank you.

Mama Lodomira
Mama Lodomira 2017-Jul-26 09:24:40

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Mauro Rodriguez
Mauro Rodriguez 2017-Jul-25 22:19:42

puedes hablar en español porfabor y como vienen los guebos

german brea
german brea 2017-Jul-24 16:44:10

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L Lopez
L Lopez 2017-Jul-23 22:18:55

I really want one

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CHIU Chin Pang 2017-Jul-23 04:05:08

I like ur video

pokemon fan poke girl
pokemon fan poke girl 2017-Jul-22 12:38:06

From where you got this

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שני מזרחי 2017-Jul-22 06:07:09

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Ahmad Irsyad Kadafi 2017-Jul-22 03:58:22

nama parmainannya apaan

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Goku Goku 2017-Jul-21 12:14:38

i want a pokemon keychain can you tell where can i buy it in india

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MaceSFM-meep city my name is Skylar the Queen
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