TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies - Baby Sleep Music


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2013-Mar-27 07:09:01
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Put your children to sleep with hypnotic graphics, accompanied by gentle nursery rhymes played beautifully on the piano. Music taken from 'Piano Lullabies for Babies' by Andrew Holdsworth, available on iTunes via the link above. Enjoy!

Judy C
Judy C 2017-Apr-26 03:56:54

This is beautiful. Thank you

FashionSylveon 2017-Apr-26 03:53:53


FashionSylveon 2017-Apr-26 03:53:19

why are you puting coments its sleep music

Nataliacookie Beltran
Nataliacookie Beltran 2017-Apr-26 03:37:02

I'm not at home I'm a adult but accidently went here and then I'm tired 😂😑😴😪😴😪

Norma Montiel
Norma Montiel 2017-Apr-26 02:49:21

reading comment wile my brother goes to sleep. 😒😮😯

Lamaya Johnson
Lamaya Johnson 2017-Apr-26 00:45:09

this don't work for shit 🖕😠

Kristinium Crystal
Kristinium Crystal 2017-Apr-26 00:05:54


Lara Norbury
Lara Norbury 2017-Apr-25 19:35:42

Love this! Works wonders for my baby! Xx

Yaeesh Allie
Yaeesh Allie 2017-Apr-25 19:14:51

Nothing puts baby to sleep better than some boob... Wish I had a pair of moobs right now, little man won't give in

Ian Purser
Ian Purser 2017-Apr-25 18:56:47

think i have read all the comments now arghhh

Rupert 31
Rupert 31 2017-Apr-25 15:56:42

I think this is great it never fails to help my little boy go to sleep. Regarded as a Rescue remedy.

Jonathan Kharat
Jonathan Kharat 2017-Apr-25 13:18:54

Thanks, This Video Really Helped My Little Brother Go To Sleep

hexgirl gaming
hexgirl gaming 2017-Apr-25 08:33:11

I'm 19. No kids. I'm just so desperate to sleep I'm willing to try anything

devyn norman
devyn norman 2017-Apr-25 07:05:08

My friends bro bro loves this and hes 6

Steffie Z
Steffie Z 2017-Apr-25 06:43:45

This put me asleep

CuteKittyGaming 2017-Apr-25 05:19:27

i swear i heard "down came the rain and washed the spider out* OMG KINDERGARDEN IS BACK NOOOOO

Jessica Wright
Jessica Wright 2017-Apr-25 04:35:32

Is it me or does this sound like the itsy bitty spider?🤔🤔🤔 and my brother fell asleep in my clothes😡😡
👕👖👞🕶🎩 brother if u see this you owe me some clothes

dorito Chip
dorito Chip 2017-Apr-25 04:02:03

My baby sis is messing around and not sleeping oh geez help someone plz... plz ok fine I will just read da comments

galxay cat
galxay cat 2017-Apr-25 03:56:16

love your music vid.# lightshow

Jared Garcia
Jared Garcia 2017-Apr-25 01:05:01

Andrew Holdsworth why aren't you sending comments?