Struggles of Having Big Hair


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2017-Jan-09 23:00:02
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Ajiannah Turner
Ajiannah Turner 2017-Jul-22 03:44:12

Everyday I have puffy hair it's annoying

Loopy Coocoo
Loopy Coocoo 2017-Jul-22 00:12:36

Once while taking a shower a jellybean fell out of my hair. I died of laughter because I hate jelly beans

Arianna Welch
Arianna Welch 2017-Jul-18 00:42:21

two words. curly hair.. my life

Skylar Stone
Skylar Stone 2017-Jul-16 03:52:32


Afaa Mohamed
Afaa Mohamed 2017-Jul-15 15:52:38

. it is cute

Beef and cheese
Beef and cheese 2017-Jul-13 23:54:53

Sara is so cute, OMG

Unicorn Magic
Unicorn Magic 2017-Jul-13 05:34:53

and ladies that why we cover our hair at night . 😏

neecie n͙o͙o͙d͙l͙e͙s͙
neecie n͙o͙o͙d͙l͙e͙s͙ 2017-Jul-12 23:34:37

I can relate omg.

# Namjinforlife
# Namjinforlife 2017-Jul-12 17:22:56

My hair is so big that my family calls me lion as a nickname, I know the struggles

It's your girl Danielle
It's your girl Danielle 2017-Jul-10 23:47:07

I've literally broken like 3-4 combs with my hair alone

Juliet Mason
Juliet Mason 2017-Jul-09 20:25:32

Bugs always get stuck in my hair😑

Imani Smith
Imani Smith 2017-Jun-21 09:30:06


Curly Hair LaiLai Curly curly Curly
Curly Hair LaiLai Curly curly Curly 2017-Jun-19 15:09:13

It's worse when your black and you have long hair.

It's fluffy and big 🙄😩

kiaya casper
kiaya casper 2017-Jun-19 08:56:04


Irisa Wolf
Irisa Wolf 2017-Jun-15 14:17:41

I don't have big hair like them. But in my Hispanic family,I have the poofiest,or biggest,hair. I even snapped my ponytail while I was sleeping.

Minecraft Family
Minecraft Family 2017-Jun-13 19:20:57

A brush does more harm than help.

MiintBlu 2017-Jun-11 14:45:47

They forgot when you try to make your hair straight or straighten it, and it literally puffs right back up.

KawaiiMonster7 2017-Jun-08 03:48:24

Sarah is naturally pretty.. <3

Memma 2017-Jun-07 00:41:07

My hair isn't big because it's curly, I just have a lot of blood in me from people who have big hair, so my hair is extremely poofy, and all of these are true xD

Claire Patten
Claire Patten 2017-May-25 17:12:27

My hair is not even curly but its big, and I can tell you that all of this is true