The Mercedes-AMG GT S Is Ridiculously Underrated


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2016-Sep-20 17:03:17
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GO READ MY COLUMN! I drove a Mercedes-AMG GT S and discovered that it is seriously, insanely, ridiculously underrated. FOLLOW ME: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

akievskiy 2017-Jul-25 01:04:02

the door trim is lower than rear quarter window trim

felix leiter
felix leiter 2017-Jul-23 13:20:49

Yes,that is true,mercedes makes "boring" amg type of saloons etc,but this car isn't in that category,nor is the Sls,at least in my opinion.And you won't have redesign of this car.This car is unique,in it's own league.

Drake Ignis
Drake Ignis 2017-Jul-22 15:53:54

that wing does not come stock.

Erkmen Akin
Erkmen Akin 2017-Jul-22 14:00:19

This is a High End so DONT COMPARE with super cars. Even tho GTR fucks them most of all

Alex B.
Alex B. 2017-Jul-22 09:40:42

Please review the Lexus LC500

M K 2017-Jul-22 06:20:16

you truly hate Porsche 😂

Robert Silvers
Robert Silvers 2017-Jul-22 03:39:44

I don't see this as underrated. I always saw it as an amazing car and a legitimate alternative to the 911.

Amrit Mehta
Amrit Mehta 2017-Jul-21 20:17:49

The kind of people Doug's talking about? The one's that criticise Mercedes so much... They've got some serious first world problems. Just saying.

(No affiliation with Mercedes)

John McCarron
John McCarron 2017-Jul-20 22:28:20

I caught this video midway though and only seeing the back end I thought it was a Porsche 928s4

Guitar Music
Guitar Music 2017-Jul-20 19:39:01

Gorgeous car

Arya Gandhi
Arya Gandhi 2017-Jul-19 13:44:20

do you review cars in india? ;)

Von Sterner
Von Sterner 2017-Jul-19 02:02:22

$130,000 is a lot of money for a car. it's considerably more than the vast majority of us can ever hope to afford. that being said, it seems like it's actually a reasonable price for this beautiful beast.

Володимир Когут
Володимир Когут 2017-Jul-18 16:05:54

Well, as a car collector - this one is one my of my favourites.

Bernard Sk
Bernard Sk 2017-Jul-18 14:33:24

Am i the only one who thinks that the new mercedes sedans are sexy af?

Brandon C
Brandon C 2017-Jul-18 09:44:52

always tend to refer to the 911 haha

stickvortex 2017-Jul-17 18:27:53

That US spec rear bumper attachment looks like shit...

anarchisttomato 2017-Jul-17 05:15:03

Why the hell would someone put a Chevy engine in a Porsche? That is disgusting.

its Crimmy
its Crimmy 2017-Jul-16 19:29:37

should've went to bams house in Westchester

Pinkie 2017-Jul-16 17:10:01

My dream car. <3

It's First
It's First 2017-Jul-16 14:27:28

its not 3.3 0-60 its 3.8