VLOG | My 2nd Sisters Wedding 2016


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2016-Nov-08 23:02:04
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Sajjad Ali
Sajjad Ali 2017-Apr-23 21:11:50

Soooo beautiful in green dress

mercy kk
mercy kk 2017-Apr-23 20:44:31

Blessed family.... mashallah

Bit of this Bit of that
Bit of this Bit of that 2017-Apr-21 15:47:29

Hiiii... amar tanda lager hahaha!

Unicorn swirl Rainbow
Unicorn swirl Rainbow 2017-Apr-21 09:49:12

Me too adopt me😭😭😭😭😭😳😿👰🏾

richard gill
richard gill 2017-Apr-20 09:40:48

Nice wedding

Malliaka Ahmed
Malliaka Ahmed 2017-Apr-19 23:30:02

I love your sisters wedding so so much

Afsana Begum
Afsana Begum 2017-Apr-18 14:01:32

rumena when are you going to get married

Saraekha Sahonta
Saraekha Sahonta 2017-Apr-16 11:47:13


Farjana Begum
Farjana Begum 2017-Apr-13 21:27:18

Hi Rumena I just wanted to know if your sister had a love marriage or arranged
Love you ❤❤

Ikrah Yasin
Ikrah Yasin 2017-Apr-13 12:59:03

I wonder if rumenas mendi will be like this

Mona Khan
Mona Khan 2017-Apr-13 12:08:02

nic cn I joined with u

elina qayyum
elina qayyum 2017-Apr-13 10:07:52

what is the name of the song in

Yasmin Bibi
Yasmin Bibi 2017-Apr-12 11:09:56

Your sisters are very beautiful and you are beautiful Rumena have a nice day in the wedding

Najo Gul
Najo Gul 2017-Apr-11 20:26:11

nice wedding much the lamgeeny so nice mashallah

Farwa I
Farwa I 2017-Apr-11 18:28:17

This was so good

ITZ YASIN 2017-Apr-11 11:04:17

Who is zayaan's mum, is she the one standing up on the right at

Naz Shams
Naz Shams 2017-Apr-09 20:21:03

one thing i liked the most was tht bride had shyness tht a muslim bride should hv...

Maria Begum
Maria Begum 2017-Apr-05 09:54:49

so nice

Rafi Ali
Rafi Ali 2017-Apr-03 09:12:44

Nice blog rumena begum😀

rz ratul
rz ratul 2017-Mar-30 09:51:26

AMr thanda lage ni??? she said bangla ? ;P