NEW BMW 440I Tanzanite Blue / Exhaust Sound / 19" M Wheels / BMW Review


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2017-Jan-07 04:43:36
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What a combo! Individual Tanzanite Blue Metallic with Individual Opal White Extended Merino Leather. Exclusive individualized look from BMW. Only the finest materials are used. New 440i Coupe with increased horsepower to 320 & Torque to 330 foot pounds. 0 to 60 MPH in 4.8 seconds! 19 inch M light alloy wheels style 442M. Please share on your other media sources. Follow Allison on Instagram at alli_bmwdriven. Subscibe. Thumbs up! BMW Review. Car Review.

vishnu vardhan
vishnu vardhan 2017-Apr-25 02:00:22

More Allison Pls pls pls pls.....

Siddharth Subandh
Siddharth Subandh 2017-Apr-20 11:30:06

which car do you own

Gwynne s
Gwynne s 2017-Mar-29 19:20:45

Seriously, best demo ever! Way to go.

Karl Koch
Karl Koch 2017-Mar-12 01:06:29

Allison does a lot of squats :-) She's beautiful

6foot2acura 2017-Feb-26 06:15:16

The contrast of the interior color and exterior is exquisite

Robin 2017-Feb-23 21:36:00

Yeah! M performance! she performs great over those curves?

Kitchen Trout
Kitchen Trout 2017-Feb-22 04:42:56

"She's gonna show us how to get into the back of this thing." 👍👍

Lerxstification 2017-Feb-21 03:42:52

Tanzanite Blue is the bomb. It goes from bright metallic, to purple, to navy blue/black at night. Incredible, I can tell you from personal experience. If you have to choose between individual paint and interior, go for the paint.

butthole pleasures
butthole pleasures 2017-Feb-18 05:50:37

Yeah, how about that power plant, eh?

Clvmind 2017-Feb-09 19:16:29

I wonder if you can carry a 100+ LBS rottweiler on the back sits of new 2, 6 and 4 series coupe. Not talking about 5-10 hour journey. What is it like for large dog to get in and out, being comfortable for 1-2 hours etc.

La Pulga
La Pulga 2017-Feb-01 19:59:32

i love the color but the back looks weird since its a coupe.

Soykan Ozaksakal
Soykan Ozaksakal 2017-Jan-30 08:52:09

Hi, you guys are doing perfect, I love to watch these beautiful cars and videos. By the way, I am a BMW Genius :)) keep on doing great, kind regards..

maquero007 2017-Jan-28 19:28:11

Dude, how tall is she ? in cms please

travis branum
travis branum 2017-Jan-28 17:58:02

Wish they would just put the black kidney grills on to begin with. Looks so much better than the chrome. Yes, I know it is an option

automotive G
automotive G 2017-Jan-27 16:48:27

Go GENIUS team!

matt jump
matt jump 2017-Jan-24 07:34:38

Is there a car in this video...

Ricardo 2017-Jan-23 20:17:02

i like her outfit

pissed off
pissed off 2017-Jan-21 04:34:08

Marketing genius.Well done Scotty!

Slam Dunk Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk Slam Dunk 2017-Jan-18 06:35:34

Damn. Hot.