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2015-Mar-04 09:43:30
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We watch an entire relationship unfold from a single vantage point—that of an overhead view of a guys bedroom. NEW PROJECTS AND MORE: CREDIT: 'Alan Watts audio' Would love to hear what you think! Comment below!

Amanda Wong
Amanda Wong 2017-Jul-24 06:40:02

What's the story behind this?

Amanda Wong
Amanda Wong 2017-Jul-24 06:20:22

Where is the audio from?

Dron Modi
Dron Modi 2017-Jul-23 08:50:00

Couldn't she clean the room?
Yeh the boy didn't do but it's a relationship sometimes we have to do others thing. So what if it was his room she could have clean it 😤😤😤😤 😂😛

Nara Dzib
Nara Dzib 2017-Jul-23 05:03:14


Al Mi
Al Mi 2017-Jul-23 02:01:19

I know this lovely short film is two years old, but I keep seeing comments asking what it means, especially at the end.

The room signifies the relationship. At first, it was decently clean and well kept when the two were first starting out. It was clean and pure, similar to their relationship. Over time, they begin to neglect each other and stop acting as lovers. This is why the room gets so dirty and messy, because the relationship has transformed into only a sliver of what it once was. The woman eventually has enough and leaves, only to come back a while later to make peace with the man, even though the relationship seemed to have died.

The man cleans his room, believing this is all it must take to revert back to who they were before, in the first beautiful stages of their love. By bettering himself, he thinks this will change the situation. At the end, he asks if the woman (I think) wants to go out, and when she doesn't answer, I think he realizes that his efforts weren't enough to forget everything that had happened in-between their honeymoon phase and their break-up.

Zahra Ahmed
Zahra Ahmed 2017-Jul-22 18:41:11

How was he able to even live in that mess for so long!!!

Indy BreFhi
Indy BreFhi 2017-Jul-22 08:39:53

Their room are really dirty and messy. just make mind and mood even more chaotic and uneasy. 😉😉😝😝

CherryPieTime 2017-Jul-22 03:09:45

This was incredible ❤

Jessie OO
Jessie OO 2017-Jul-21 21:42:45

Thank God that room was giving me borderline anxiety

Iraqi Special Operations
Iraqi Special Operations 2017-Jul-21 13:07:21

I hope to live my life this way

shana sharin k p
shana sharin k p 2017-Jul-21 11:35:36

Every relationship have faults and problems. To keep the relationship one must have to forgive each other for silly problems keeping it with in your heart only lead to more problems and breakups

YourFangirlSelina 2017-Jul-20 22:07:17

I keep my room super clean but I wouldn't be allowed to have a boy over much less in my bed lol but I think that other guy is his room mate not his parents

Jeada Bella
Jeada Bella 2017-Jul-20 00:12:49

Till the end I was hoping that angle of camera will change but ,,,, roof is too high

cooked ravioli
cooked ravioli 2017-Jul-19 20:41:59

Well, Well, Well.
Hello there, Dans Blanket.

Ella Masinas
Ella Masinas 2017-Jul-19 10:43:24

walang forever

Tacos Idk
Tacos Idk 2017-Jul-18 04:05:42

He learned his lesson in the end, how I know? He cleaned his room.

Jay Sample
Jay Sample 2017-Jul-17 23:55:38

who's also watching multiple datimg short films cuz they single asf??

Mohammed Alhussaini
Mohammed Alhussaini 2017-Jul-16 22:17:50


Sandra Serrano
Sandra Serrano 2017-Jul-16 04:56:43

Did anyone catch the short clip of Alan Watts in there?

Mikey Gonzales
Mikey Gonzales 2017-Jul-15 23:27:38