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2015-Mar-04 09:43:30
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We watch an entire relationship unfold from a single vantage point—that of an overhead view of a guys bedroom. NEW PROJECTS AND MORE: CREDIT: 'Alan Watts audio' Would love to hear what you think! Comment below!

kashmala Khan
kashmala Khan 2017-Apr-25 07:26:38

I'm having the same kind of relationship. it was pure lv in beginning now just fights. now what I decided to leave him. but don't know how,which way. And he wants this relation forever.

Nikhil Prakash
Nikhil Prakash 2017-Apr-23 13:27:04

Nice but kio kid dakla ta para

Saad' Smails
Saad' Smails 2017-Apr-23 08:04:04


Littlemouse05- Minecraft and More!
Littlemouse05- Minecraft and More! 2017-Apr-23 01:50:12

I'm NOT in a relationship, but I remember love is bittersweet and I know I'm never going to get a boyfriend.. I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad for me, I know the truth!

Yukum Limbu
Yukum Limbu 2017-Apr-22 16:10:24

can somebody explains me what is going on in this video??

Maxine R
Maxine R 2017-Apr-22 12:34:47

This fucking room, They need to clean that shit

Furry Friends
Furry Friends 2017-Apr-22 07:43:24

I've seen this a thousand times LIVE IT

Shila Mawarathna
Shila Mawarathna 2017-Apr-21 21:54:06

Thanks .....

Pranjal singh
Pranjal singh 2017-Apr-21 17:41:47

always clean your room haha...

黃冠鈞 2017-Apr-20 17:02:07

Why it always looks down ? You know it's hard to see. Makes me dizzy.

Mahnoor Awan
Mahnoor Awan 2017-Apr-20 12:39:35


Abha thakur
Abha thakur 2017-Apr-19 18:16:57

I think it symbolise that when you don't work for the relationship mutually, it gets messier.

Bắp Rang Bơ
Bắp Rang Bơ 2017-Apr-19 07:40:40

I think the room in this video is resemble to a soul in love. At first, you take care of it, keep it clean and beautiful (The boy made the bed and put the magazine in place). Then Love comes and rises, the room get noisy, joinful, colorful and even more beautiful (a girl showed up, they had fun together, crazy nights, the girl decorate the room with their photoes). There is some momments that deepen your Love when your girl was sick and you take care of her, worried about her. As the time pass, you forget to take care of Love. The room get dirty, full of trash, left food, clothes on floor. Like love is full of questions, arguements, misunderstanding but lacks romance and sharing. The girl realises this and she try to make it up (The hang the bulds on the wall) But he ignores it. The room was such an extreme mess that nothing can fix. Consequently, love building collapses, she leaves. The room is still a mess but quiet and lonely, and he is trapped in this room. Then sign of love suddenly come back (Someone throws the toy over the window) He gets up and clean the mess. He also put away the memories in the closet but not all of them, he keep some on the wall.
This video is a really good one. So meaningful!
Sorry for my bad English.

Mia's Edits
Mia's Edits 2017-Apr-19 00:33:56

wait so he cleaned his room took down the pictures of them and put up the porn magazine?

moonsugar1 2017-Apr-18 14:38:38

Hey Jack, having been through exactly this, I was wondering if I could put a song I wrote to this video? They fit so well! I can send it to you first to see if you approve if you like. If and when I upload it I would of course credit and include any links or info you wanted in the description. Either way great short film, really spoke to me and resonated - Keep up the great work!

Stefany Grace Genita
Stefany Grace Genita 2017-Apr-18 05:52:35


Girlwithasmile 2017-Apr-18 03:18:53

I pray someday we will be that couple up to the 4 minute mark, and always be that way. That is how I see you and I. Not what happened to the couple after.

Izzy Olaf
Izzy Olaf 2017-Apr-17 22:57:11

awww.... reminds me of a past relationship. idk why but it made me cry..

green Shasta bean
green Shasta bean 2017-Apr-17 22:03:59

Amazing film

Hitesh Thakur
Hitesh Thakur 2017-Apr-17 15:46:08

I think title is not truly suitable to this story

nice but should be better