Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista -- Balesin Wedding Video


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2015-Feb-23 04:33:22
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Argerine Jordan
Argerine Jordan 2017-Jul-16 21:09:37

OMG!! Beautiful!!😁😁❤❤💍💎

MARIA JOCELYN NASAYAO 2017-Jul-01 00:05:27

Ganda ni Heart

Jojo Galang
Jojo Galang 2017-Jun-01 20:13:46

The most important people in woman's wedding are her parents. Happiness vs emptiness 💔

Darina Miro
Darina Miro 2017-Apr-16 19:21:16

Wow, really beautiful wedding! The Bride is just amazing!!!

Kenya Milann
Kenya Milann 2017-Mar-19 14:37:51

This was absolutely the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.

Miss Kim Alcantara KD Phd.
Miss Kim Alcantara KD Phd. 2017-Feb-21 02:58:42

Heart you personality sounds like my cousin in the states !!! Wild and Pretty !!!

Maria Sun
Maria Sun 2017-Feb-14 03:08:15

a wedding is always beautiful..more beautiful when it lasts up to the promise!

Kamso 2017-Feb-12 16:37:57

just beautiful.  All the best in your marriage

Flower Crowned Ninja النينجا المتوجة بالورد
Flower Crowned Ninja النينجا المتوجة بالورد 2017-Feb-11 23:56:15

I don't know what am I doing here 3 o'clock in the morning on a school night crying my eyeballs out

victoryjackson 2017-Feb-08 04:06:20

I've been searching for this video for years and I've finally found it. The most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. So awesome

Mary Bartell
Mary Bartell 2017-Jan-30 15:23:02

let's be happy for her if u think the wallet attact with her to marry him its her choice.thanks kabayan!

Ah'Tavia W
Ah'Tavia W 2017-Jan-27 05:18:25

This is like out of a movie

Tracie Parker
Tracie Parker 2017-Jan-20 22:48:43

simply BREATHTAKING just simply amazing aman 🌞😇🌞. 🌞❤🌞

the girl
the girl 2017-Jan-16 19:01:39

please song from ?? thank you

miamiguy119 2017-Jan-10 19:29:59

now thats what you call having money...because i have little idea how she possibly finds that man attractive...his wallet apparently is what attracts her

Nylah Gordon
Nylah Gordon 2016-Dec-30 19:30:35

how romantic

Hindricka Gutierrez
Hindricka Gutierrez 2016-Dec-16 11:11:11

gwapahang heart

Rachael Ferguson
Rachael Ferguson 2016-Dec-15 23:02:06

What a stunning wedding! Congratulations to the beautiful couple. Does anyone know what songs were used in this video? I really liked them & would love to know what they are. :)

lourenz king suchanco
lourenz king suchanco 2016-Nov-29 02:23:18

is this the 22500php a night Balesin Island Club being talked about in a famous blogsite. Dugyot daw ang service? I hope management looks into it immediately or suffer consequences.

Rialyn Salili
Rialyn Salili 2016-Nov-08 12:01:12

ang ganda ni heart