Sherlock: How To Film Thought


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2017-Jan-11 15:00:02
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Midwinter Authenticity
Midwinter Authenticity 2017-Jul-22 14:42:58

One of the best shows ever made. Despite what people may say about individual opinions of one or two episodes sherlock is a cinematic masterpiece

Park Preppers
Park Preppers 2017-Jul-22 14:22:32

I love Sherlock. The visuals in that show are amazing. Nice work on this video.

Ayesha Irfan
Ayesha Irfan 2017-Jul-22 14:07:53

This is one of the reasons why I've stuck with the series despite the stupid fandom.

Jim Beam
Jim Beam 2017-Jul-21 19:28:52

Man, your contend does live up to the amount of people watching - it´s brilliant!

lpglol 2017-Jul-21 19:08:28

The problem in my opinion is that the actual writing of the show and the characters isn't nearly as great as it was in season 1, but the editing is awesome and mind bending and makes the simplest things surreal.

Nikhita Mariam Jacob
Nikhita Mariam Jacob 2017-Jul-21 07:03:54

you r a scientist who solves the mystery behind the phenomena created by professionals ...and u r a professional at it.

KOSsniperChief 2017-Jul-21 00:11:24

see this is great film making and actually working with the camera, not like Sam Kolder where majority of his shots are in slow mo, and all the skill is in post...

JustWatchingVideo56 2017-Jul-20 11:51:57

I love Sherlock

Magister Scientiae
Magister Scientiae 2017-Jul-20 08:22:13

Fantastic Video!

PRO GAM3R 2017-Jul-19 15:14:59

hey, which app do you use for editing and make videos like this?

tlh1981 2017-Jul-19 09:41:26

You can't really reach a crescendo. A crescendo is a subtle, slow transition from quiet to loud in music. It's not just the loud, as in a word like climax or apex--"the scene reaches its climax"

Rokiriko 2017-Jul-17 22:39:10

Next Nerdwritter1 video: "Did you notice the lightsabers in Star Wars?"

Mariléna Papageorgíou
Mariléna Papageorgíou 2017-Jul-17 07:42:28

Wow just wow that was brilliant

Viktoriya T
Viktoriya T 2017-Jul-16 15:40:53

Beyonce is one word...

shiv maharaj
shiv maharaj 2017-Jul-15 22:39:00

I still don't understand how you can go from tripping out to bam that's the answer. I guess whatever he's on is some powerful shit.

Vernon Chan
Vernon Chan 2017-Jul-15 09:16:37

This is brilliant. And congrats!

Stark Music
Stark Music 2017-Jul-14 20:17:09

Who else clicked because of Bedentick Cucumberblise

Jen S.
Jen S. 2017-Jul-14 16:50:23

This whole show is nothing short of a work of art.

Sid Chou
Sid Chou 2017-Jul-14 15:11:18

theres a tone of cgi... what do you mean theres no cgi

Cyril Matthew
Cyril Matthew 2017-Jul-14 13:36:19

4th season ... that killed me ... team shouldnt have created nor end the series by this disgusting season