Best Wedding Surprise Ever!


Our wedding day, July 9th 2016, was perfect! Check out the video of our day PLUS an awesome surprise Jud got for Arie! Be sure to look out for the vlog to see behind the scenes AND the honeymoon to Bora Bora! HUGE shout out to Blue Moon Video Productions for the incredible footage and production of our wedding video. Check them out here - and see more pics of our day! IG: Facebook: Website: Our honeymoon vlog: For business inquires email: Social Networks - Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram:

A Live
A Live 2016-Aug-07 17:10:22

Maybe u can link me to the videographer who did this video for u. Or did u do it yourself?

ASTAL LOPES 2017-Jul-24 07:29:22

Nigga weds mouthefukin nigga πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Bitan Das
Bitan Das 2017-Jul-23 07:47:20

They r so adorable

Ruben Itty Sabu
Ruben Itty Sabu 2017-Jul-22 21:39:02

If MKBHD was the videographer, it would have been crispier..

Matthew D
Matthew D 2017-Jul-21 22:27:52

Big πŸ’₯

Austin Manchester
Austin Manchester 2017-Jul-20 08:10:16

I don't know much about this youtuber but he seems awesome, his wife seems awesome and i have one question, just why, why are there any dislikes on this video?

BabyGirl3538 2017-Jul-20 07:55:18

This is so beautiful!!! I love the relationship and all that black love you two exhibit πŸ–€πŸ–€

Chizom Echehieuka
Chizom Echehieuka 2017-Jul-19 19:53:47

Congratulations man...
God bless the union between you and your wife.

Curtis 187
Curtis 187 2017-Jul-19 16:31:10

No offense but HONESTLY thought this guy was gay. And MAN his wife is hot.

Stephen Hawking's cousin
Stephen Hawking's cousin 2017-Jul-19 15:32:14

unbox your wedding

DoubleJ 2017-Jul-16 06:06:09

The only was this union will endure for eternity is by the proper priesthood authority from God in a LDS temple. Otherwise it's just till death do you part.

Carlos Davis
Carlos Davis 2017-Jul-15 22:36:54

AuuuhΒ  Colored People's Love ...

Kayden Tyler
Kayden Tyler 2017-Jul-15 07:15:54

Congrats!! Love is love!!

Aure Tejada
Aure Tejada 2017-Jul-13 17:26:52


Azanda Zama
Azanda Zama 2017-Jul-13 06:46:54

because of this video I decided to subscribe to your channelπŸ™†

Umoh Favour Patience.a
Umoh Favour Patience.a 2017-Jul-12 20:39:56

Am still looking for the surprise

I Bleed Red&Gold
I Bleed Red&Gold 2017-Jul-12 14:11:11

This vid was amazing, I know I'm late but congrats and wish you guys the best.

Mikenstein 2017-Jul-12 07:35:56

that's all I have to say. just WOW!

Mikenstein 2017-Jul-12 07:35:38

that's all I have to say. just WOW!

abhi gagnani
abhi gagnani 2017-Jul-10 17:43:20

The dislikes are from the people who were unable to marry their loved onesπŸ˜πŸ˜‚