Kevin Durant Threatens Drake With Death Stare After Drake Bumps Him


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2016-Nov-17 20:26:53
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Kevin Durant Threatens Drake With Death Stare After Drake Bumps Him Subscribe ►► It was Drake Night at the Toronto Raptors versus Golden State Warriors game. There was no love loss between Drake, who was at the game sitting court side, and Kevin Durant. Durant helped lead the Warriors to victory in Toronto, and the 6 God didn't seem too happy about the result. Watch KD give Drake a death stare after the Toronto rapper gives him a frustrated post-game push. If that's how he looks at his friends, imagine how Durantula stares down his enemies! For the latest in sports - Check out our site: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Find us on Instagram: The Fumble is sports news for the super fan. We cover everything from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, NHL and every random sporting story in between. We tell you about the history-making plays, what your favorite athletes are up to after-hours, and take an irreverent, no BS take on sports. Watch The Fumble for the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of sports. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Kyrie Irving and Cleveland Cavaliers Sing Whitney Houston 'I Will Always Love You'" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Zachary Fontenot
Zachary Fontenot 2017-Apr-26 03:03:01

Couldn't even see drake's interruption during Durant's interview. Like did he really think his short ass was gonna be in the frame?? 😂

Vinnie Rudge
Vinnie Rudge 2017-Apr-25 23:15:58

drake is da bst

Randall Lannon
Randall Lannon 2017-Apr-25 03:17:10

Drake plays butt humpin

BostonSecret45 2017-Apr-24 21:04:58

drake's always gotta be the center of attention! no one is even allowed to take interviews!

L mendez
L mendez 2017-Apr-24 07:28:38

Dudes flirting hard with Durant. How embarrassing

Xeno Gaming
Xeno Gaming 2017-Apr-23 05:28:36

Drake wouldn't dare bump Rondo Or Metta World Peace(Ron Artest) or even Westbrook

Iiii Evans
Iiii Evans 2017-Apr-22 20:35:43

Drake is a tranny

Abdull Mohommed
Abdull Mohommed 2017-Apr-22 19:43:33

why do you dickride steph curry so hard? you're bringing him up and he has nothing to do with the subject of this video

keds 2017-Apr-22 14:57:49

I'm late BUT drake is an ass, XXXTENTACION is better

TheHybridlogic 2017-Apr-21 18:51:38

Ty has to be the shortest first name ever 😀

Token White
Token White 2017-Apr-21 15:50:34

Thats how Drake throws a Basket Ball.

Jaysson Otero
Jaysson Otero 2017-Apr-21 00:55:27

I promise um looking only at the the eyes... What I am


tw1tchdp 2017-Apr-18 06:36:59

i dont get it, any regular fan gets thrown out for touching a player. OK Drake ...

HayItzJay 2017-Apr-18 04:15:06

Who else's laughed when kd stared at drake

JJM 2017-Apr-17 17:34:33

Damn she got some tits😂❤️

Gary Mitchell
Gary Mitchell 2017-Apr-17 17:00:28

drake needs that ass dragged a few times...he'll stop that bullshit then

Choke 2017-Apr-17 03:05:18

Drake and KD's weak ass lmao. Both of them weak as shit.

James Guthrie
James Guthrie 2017-Apr-16 21:47:03

Drake = joke.

G Ganz
G Ganz 2017-Apr-16 07:35:40

OVO crew for life

Asbestos 2017-Apr-16 05:04:19

Fuck KD