2017 BMW M550i xDrive Close-Up Look!


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2017-Jan-11 03:50:53
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I give a close-up look at the 2017 BMW M550i xDrive that made it's auto show debut here at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. What do you think about the changes? You can follow me on Twitter @Subaruwrxfan, on Instagram @subaruwrxfanofficial, and on Snapchat as 'thesubaruwrxfan'. "Like" the Facebook page for more updates! http://facebook.com/subaruwrxfan Business inquires can be directed to subaruwrxfanproductions (at) gmail (dot) com

subaruwrxfan 2017-Jan-11 03:52:20

This is the last of the Detroit videos for now! I will have a few more on Thursday. Thanks to everyone for watching the coverage so far!

acuratl1 vroom
acuratl1 vroom 2017-Apr-24 02:33:35

beautiful car in 5 years you can buy it for $20 or less with a bunch of electrical problems and oil  and coolant leaks lol

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 2017-Mar-26 21:25:23

Inside looks the same like bmw 3 series
big shit

crazystang69 s
crazystang69 s 2017-Mar-18 07:46:09

in 5 years from now it will be worth $20,000 Grand lol

Many Cypy
Many Cypy 2017-Mar-13 19:09:30

amazing car

JSOAleksandar 2017-Mar-03 14:29:09

What color is this?

Richard Forsberg
Richard Forsberg 2017-Feb-26 12:40:44

Beautiful car! What colour is that? Med Blue or carbon black?

Richard Forsberg
Richard Forsberg 2017-Feb-26 12:40:44

Beautiful car! What colour is that? Med Blue or carbon black?

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а???? й 2017-Feb-24 07:43:48


а???? й
а???? й 2017-Feb-24 07:43:32

Сколько стоит м в

Jeff L
Jeff L 2017-Feb-17 02:07:24

Subaru fan lol

Maisie Price
Maisie Price 2017-Feb-03 21:22:04

Hey there ! Dumbass subject sounds atxractiveexercise :‑(

donkazoid 2017-Jan-31 23:54:07

A 2013 m5 would kill it dumbass

Brad Allmand
Brad Allmand 2017-Jan-27 07:32:09

I have a 2013 550ix MSport and love it... 32k miles and NO problems.. May have to upgrade to this 2017 soon...

ahmed amjad
ahmed amjad 2017-Jan-20 11:40:29

all i hear from the haters is that this design is boring but eventually after a few years it may look great ,now look at the 7 series for an example ,at the beginning it didnt look great but now its starting to feel tastier

G Villains
G Villains 2017-Jan-13 20:18:51

the M5 has to come with new sport seats & and moe agrresive front bumper or it will be too identical to the m550i and people will see no point in upgrading when the 550i already has 400+ horses

t berk
t berk 2017-Jan-12 23:58:26

Do you know how much this will start off at, this exact model?

Michael Zubritsky
Michael Zubritsky 2017-Jan-12 21:19:51

Ah, BMW - The Ultimate D bag and Hooker, mobile.

nrs10001 2017-Jan-12 19:28:44

BMWs are still to this day the ugliest cars I've ever seen

Daverr 2017-Jan-12 03:51:10

Thanks this video cured my insomnia.