Hair - Let the Sunshine In


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2007-May-09 08:51:59
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Hair - Let the Sunshine In

hplexmark1 2017-Jul-26 19:10:12

the African American singer when the soldiers are marching onto the troop plane has an awesome singing voice. I hope he was able to make a career out of it.

ilias ilia
ilias ilia 2017-Jul-25 22:46:23

εξαιρετικό κομμάτι!!

Yasmin Magno
Yasmin Magno 2017-Jul-25 21:42:57

america is the cancer of the world

Maury Maïa
Maury Maïa 2017-Jul-25 09:13:20

When he starts singing stronger and stronger my throat gives me pain... This is one of the most beautiful song (and movie) I've ever heard... Every time I'm listening to it I got so much thrills...

Kruppt808 2017-Jul-25 02:04:28

Good Job Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson for upping our military commitment in Vietnam and then killing the South Vietnam leader that the Communists had been trying to kill for years........ Stupid fucking Democrats.

loretta era
loretta era 2017-Jul-24 11:40:19

autsch....oh Christ Jeshuha...come soon to save the World and Gods Children!! PLEASE COME !!

Роман Сафронов
Роман Сафронов 2017-Jul-24 00:01:19

Это не воины, а валенки в бане

waldo banda
waldo banda 2017-Jul-22 23:09:02

Me hubiera gustado mucho alcanzar a ser hippie ...

Sergio Pietra
Sergio Pietra 2017-Jul-22 11:02:14

Wtf, the guy at the beginning is Colin Farrell!

mbear1 2017-Jul-22 04:33:20

My favorite scene in this movie.
Bonus fact: Bev D'Angelo was my babysitter as a kid in Arlington.
(She's frim Columbus, Ohio)

Urban Beardman
Urban Beardman 2017-Jul-22 01:07:34

That moment when people start running through the field is priceless. I don't think there will ever be another time in US history when so many people gathered and marched as one all united against the war machine, all united by music. One message: Peace. ✌️️
But we're still here...

Meghan Spinazze
Meghan Spinazze 2017-Jul-22 00:30:32

When burger sings Manchester England England and calls himself Claude it makes me really sad

André Lucas Eclache do Amaral
André Lucas Eclache do Amaral 2017-Jul-20 23:37:15


Phillip Andrews
Phillip Andrews 2017-Jul-20 20:59:38

I am 68 years old and I still cry everytime that I see this movie clip. There are a lot of hidden messages in this sequence of scenes. This song evokes so many emotions --- fear, despair ... hope ... and even enlightenment. Pretty amazing!

Yasantatehnik 2017-Jul-20 17:33:06

Мало, хотят ещё.

Orel Benisti
Orel Benisti 2017-Jul-20 17:23:15

RIP George Birger. What a sad movie

Julien Usclade
Julien Usclade 2017-Jul-20 14:56:59

qui connaît le nom du film

Arifin Aslam
Arifin Aslam 2017-Jul-20 04:16:16

what movieis this ?

Artur Östlund
Artur Östlund 2017-Jul-19 22:02:42

This best ever

Mária dajka
Mária dajka 2017-Jul-19 10:50:20

Irtozatosan jóóóó.