Colleen and Joshua's Wedding


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2015-Jul-06 01:00:16
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On July 2, 2015, Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans got married. We are so excited to share our special day with you all! It was the best day of our lives. Filmed and edited by Jay Diaz at Cinevent Productions - Bella Vista Designs - Everything Badass, "Be Nice To People" Sign, Lighting, Audio Visual, Specialty Rentals, Decor - Amber Weir Weddings - Coordination - Britta Marie Photography - Photography - Wendy Bellissimo - Dress Designer - NLC Production - Florals - Luna Bella Make up and Hair - Brides Makeup, Family and Friends hair and makeup - Lorraine Lim Catering - Catering - Town and Country - Rentals - Wedding DJ - La Tavola- Linens - Follow all my things Twitter - Facebook - youtube - Instagram - snapchat - colleenb123 merchandise - 2016 TOUR DATES!! Nashville, TN - 5/22 - Albuquerque, NM - 7/27 - Denver, CO - 7/29 - Salt Lake City, UT - 7/30 - Thousand Oaks, CA - 8/6 - Birmingham, ENG - 8/13 - Bristol, ENG 8/14 - Manchester, ENG - 8/17 - London, ENG - 8/20 - Dublin, IRE - 8/22-23 - Berlin, GER - 8/25 - Munich, GER - 8/27 - Cologne, GER 8/29 - Hamburg, GER 8/31 - (Go here for all concert ticket info)

Kejvi Rapaj
Kejvi Rapaj 2017-Jul-24 06:50:39

Their marriage lasted 1 year? I think I might need 1 year to recover from this video :'(

Erin Landis
Erin Landis 2017-Jul-24 04:42:32

Anyone else sobb?

Julia Crisan
Julia Crisan 2017-Jul-24 03:46:07

Seeing people so in love, and seeing how it's possible for it to go away, makes me worry so much that someone will leave me in the future :(

Josie Jay
Josie Jay 2017-Jul-24 01:19:37

Why is this still up?

Nemanja Angelovski
Nemanja Angelovski 2017-Jul-23 23:17:06

I have a veird feeling... that they are going to get back together. Idk why but u just feel it 😞

Melike K
Melike K 2017-Jul-23 22:31:31

even though I'm late : CONGRATULATIONS

Mabel Mah
Mabel Mah 2017-Jul-23 14:08:29

This is so hard to watch in 2017 💔

Eleanor Parkes
Eleanor Parkes 2017-Jul-23 11:48:08

they got married on my birthday

The Sarah Show
The Sarah Show 2017-Jul-23 04:54:15

came back wishing all the things they said would just come back😭

Daniel Juarez
Daniel Juarez 2017-Jul-23 04:00:44

Yure nose is big

Set me Free Fraser
Set me Free Fraser 2017-Jul-23 03:38:33

I promise to stay married to you for ever broke my heart😭 I miss them

Alexa!!:) 2017-Jul-23 00:11:34

i saw rebecca and matt

abigael buchanan
abigael buchanan 2017-Jul-22 23:32:12

I can never watch over this again because when you guys got divorced and broke my heart so much love you so much.😢😭

Kateannw 17
Kateannw 17 2017-Jul-22 22:42:01

Who else is crying???

Niki Kerekes
Niki Kerekes 2017-Jul-22 20:05:40

I'm broken…💔

Lesli Cruz
Lesli Cruz 2017-Jul-22 19:21:55

I couldn't hold it in I cried!😢😭😤😦

sam myy
sam myy 2017-Jul-22 16:48:02

Coleen lied 🤥:(

Iris pozzobon
Iris pozzobon 2017-Jul-22 14:55:40

i cried. a lot.

Choc Choc
Choc Choc 2017-Jul-22 13:05:11

This is utter bullshit, just proves that their words mean absolutely nothing at all.

Velvet Ant
Velvet Ant 2017-Jul-22 11:53:03

I'm super sad cause it didn't last forever