Boho Wedding // Ashley & David


Ashley and David’s wedding was a dream! These two have such a beautiful relationship and they were beyond excited to be getting married! Their entire wedding day radiated with joy. You could see it on their faces and the face of every single person there. Take a few moments to watch their film and you’ll see (and hear) why. We are still swooning over their gorgeous sunset session! And their dance floor was so gorgeous! Congratulations Ashley and David! We loved celebrating with you and your families! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon! // Venue: Rock Hurst Farm Wedding Venue and Events // Planning & Florals: BKWed // Videography: Hampton Road Studios // Photography: Rylee Hitchner Photography // Dress: Heidi Elnora // Bridesmaids : Bella Bridesmaids // Hair & Makeup: Hair & Make Up by BBM // Band: The A-Town A-List // Caterer: Savoie Catering // Cakes: Olexa's Cafe, Cakes, & Catering // Popsicles: Steel City Pops // Doughnuts: We Have Doughnuts // Rentals: PropHouse Birmingham & Chelsea Antique Mall Find us here: Music licensed from The Music Bed. Facebook: Instagram: Gear used: Main Cameras - 3rd Angle Ceremony Camera - 4th Angle Ceremony Camera - Drone: Slider - Stabilizer - Tripods - & Monopods - Reception Lights - Audio Recorder - Shotgun Mics - Lavalier Mics - Recorder for Lav Mics - Lens: Canon 24 mm 1.4 L - Canon 35 mm 1.4 L - Canon 50 mm 1.2 L - Canon 100 mm 2.8L - Canon 24-105 mm 4.0L - Canon 70-200 2.8 L IS I - Canon 70-200 4.0 L IS - ** Some affiliate links above. **

GDELASAL 2017-Apr-24 10:36:35

Amazing!!! Almost cried watching it lol

Maëva Milcent
Maëva Milcent 2017-Apr-19 18:27:38

The most bautiful wedding I've ever seen!!

Shantei Angeles
Shantei Angeles 2017-Apr-19 08:16:07

when you put god in your marriage, everything will fall in the right places. watching these videos make me cry because its so beautiful <3

Olivia Henley
Olivia Henley 2017-Apr-17 21:15:15

YES! Alabama!

Daisy 2017-Apr-13 23:58:44

Fave wedding video! Makes me cry every time!!

Alison Rose
Alison Rose 2017-Apr-09 08:50:12

Seriously the greatest, most beautiful wedding video ever❤️ I think I've watched this maybe 10 times, and still cry EVERY time! Haha

Noelle Candice
Noelle Candice 2017-Apr-07 21:51:08

sending this to my boyfriend for inspiration.. 'When subtle hints don't work'

Josie Bigger
Josie Bigger 2017-Apr-05 06:34:58

This was so beautiful!

The Larissa
The Larissa 2017-Apr-02 12:49:53

It is so beautiful when a couple put God in their relationship, even living in a world where life is lived so superficially. It's a blessed relationship. God bless you, guys. And i wish the best things of Christ to your lives!

99CENTweddingsigns 2017-Apr-02 05:37:34

I don't know personally know these two people, but i can't stop crying. One of the best wedding videos i've ever seen. You did a great job.

Allison Highrock
Allison Highrock 2017-Apr-02 04:19:02

i started crying really hard seeing the bride walking down wth her dad. this made me really sad even tho i'm only 13 that one day i'll leave and start a new life and one day my parents won't be there to help me get through things. i'm not ready to grow up

Gracijanne Mendonça Miranda
Gracijanne Mendonça Miranda 2017-Mar-30 23:35:09

Amazing production!! You guys are so talented! What is the name of the song? I need to fins. It is perfect <3

Julia Goodman
Julia Goodman 2017-Mar-30 04:47:08

fr dont know who these ppl are, ive just been watching wedding videos all day help its 1 am

Lisbeth Guerrero
Lisbeth Guerrero 2017-Mar-29 07:00:23

I genuinely thought all the comments were exaggerating and next thing I know half way through the vid I'm wiping away tears

Knowsitbest 2
Knowsitbest 2 2017-Mar-28 23:41:39

It's so beautiful when it's so pure. Literally crying.

ilikefood 2017-Mar-28 22:22:41

why am i crying in the club rn

alessandra 2017-Mar-28 01:41:33

This is like the third video of wedding that i'm seeing today. 😂😂

I05151942 2017-Mar-28 00:11:11

This is nice stuff. A little idealistic, but nice. (: I don't really get the whole tearing up, though. But I'm a dude and that's probably why, lol.

Amber Scotvold
Amber Scotvold 2017-Mar-27 16:50:20

Ugh they're so cute. Perfect wedding 💜

Christine Cox
Christine Cox 2017-Mar-26 20:09:40

not jeleous.lm single forever christian happy 😂😃