Wedding Film of Dingdong and Marian “The Journey”


Directed by Carmela In our lives, what matters most is not how successful we are at all the things we do but rather the sincerity by which we accomplish them. The sincerity behind the decisions that we make provides the weight by which all of our memories are treasured. Exactly a year ago, today, two decisions were made, with the Almighty standing witness, that have forever altered the course of those involved. Dingdong and Marian has had their share of accomplishments but their shared decision, made one year ago, may very well be their most significant yet. A dream that started small and forward-looking; culminating in vows made with utmost sincerity and now blessed with a fruit of love and selflessness; together looking towards the future expectant and thankful. We at Mayad are thankful for the trust given to us and we hope that through this simple work, we have added more weight to this already treasured experience. 2015 has been a wonderful year but before it ends, we present to you a love story we’ve been blessed to witness. God, indeed, writes the best love stories. Check out " In This New Lifetime" (SDE) created for them one year ago - All soundtracks are licensed through

AnAb TiGuChSh
AnAb TiGuChSh 2017-Jul-24 10:00:29

All I can say is 👌👏👊💪💕👸👑 💞💏

Chilando Simundi
Chilando Simundi 2017-Jul-18 10:39:33

this was so beautiful 😍
they are indeed blessed 😇

linh ha
linh ha 2017-Jul-18 05:37:25

chao hi my name

kennedy almeida
kennedy almeida 2017-Jul-17 14:22:09

catolic wedding 😍

Virgie T
Virgie T 2017-Jul-17 04:18:49

Gerphil and Marian, parang twins lng! kamukha talaga cla.

Mungyathei Shokwungnao
Mungyathei Shokwungnao 2017-Jul-14 17:02:25

I'm freaking out ryt now😁

Amei Joyel
Amei Joyel 2017-Jul-14 14:05:28

to all married:that's ur journey..wish u gudluck..

jo pay
jo pay 2017-Jul-13 10:52:12

ang sosiyal nmn ng kasal nila .... yaman

sam fan !!!
sam fan !!! 2017-Jul-13 09:02:12

Hindi nawala Ang pagkakwela Ni Marian khit sa wedding..pero naiyak parin of the century...sarap makita nagsama sama Ang mga artist from 3 networks..

Lily In The Pond
Lily In The Pond 2017-Jul-12 13:29:37

there so sweet together 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜DONGYAN

D.A 2017-Jul-09 07:36:04

diamond couple

shah 2017-Jul-09 05:27:54

what languages they r speaking

Amira Izzaty
Amira Izzaty 2017-Jul-09 02:22:35

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marilyn redondo
marilyn redondo 2017-Jul-08 16:33:12

nkakaiyak nMan po ate mariaN at kua dong i hope na mkahanap din po aq ng kgya ni kua doNg na mpg mhal tlaga.

Ayren Asan
Ayren Asan 2017-Jul-07 22:00:41

sna ganito din mangyari s kathniel💑hanggang s huli cla parin💙

muslihah mahali
muslihah mahali 2017-Jul-07 00:52:59

why am i cry look at this video? sugar in this video

Miss Maria
Miss Maria 2017-Jul-06 18:35:39

they got married in real omg😲😲😲amazing

Christabel Okafor
Christabel Okafor 2017-Jul-04 04:52:15

English subscription plssss

Mhayo mhayo
Mhayo mhayo 2017-Jul-02 15:17:06

😭 super inspired 💓💓💓

Haniya Didaagun
Haniya Didaagun 2017-Jul-01 17:01:04

Maranao wedding