BMW Films: The Escape


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2016-Oct-23 22:04:05
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The Escape, featuring the All-New 2017 BMW 5 Series. To learn more about this film, visit

MarTIn93303 2017-Jul-24 11:39:38

This reminds me of game Quantum Break, anyone else?

Alexandro Huayanay
Alexandro Huayanay 2017-Jul-24 01:19:54

supera la potencia de un motor de helicoptero .solo BMW.

I_are _Jay
I_are _Jay 2017-Jul-23 10:13:25

When you were expecting a 550 and get surprised with a 540 instead

B.A. Chan
B.A. Chan 2017-Jul-22 22:53:06

Clive has been rocking BMW films since the E39 M5.

shaam hamza
shaam hamza 2017-Jul-22 11:18:35

it's M Power 😘

Валерия Синицына
Валерия Синицына 2017-Jul-22 05:42:35

Все дело в непрофессионализме. Если бы водитель выбрал Мерседес, такого замеса бы не было, и вся погоня длилась бы 10 секунд. Но он выбрал BMW. Еще бы на Солярисе бы поехал, ей богу...

Саша Туча
Саша Туча 2017-Jul-19 22:27:17


Саша Туча
Саша Туча 2017-Jul-19 22:22:30

Что за фильм?

Ihechi Njoku
Ihechi Njoku 2017-Jul-19 08:20:47

bullshit the should have used the gtr....coz it's more badass

christopher deline
christopher deline 2017-Jul-19 06:22:05

Am I think only one that wants to see this is an actual movie?? Like a reboot to transporter??

Trevor Needham
Trevor Needham 2017-Jul-19 02:33:46


Duol Jay
Duol Jay 2017-Jul-18 06:16:43

why don't you do the real movie put it on cinemas

Ian martinez
Ian martinez 2017-Jul-17 05:40:39

honestly it was kinda boring idk how most of you guys enjoyed it

Spark i
Spark i 2017-Jul-15 05:47:27

nooooo dath cooool BMW!

Steven Song
Steven Song 2017-Jul-15 05:15:53

This is sick!!! Neill Blomkamp. Sick!!!

Jorge Cavadas
Jorge Cavadas 2017-Jul-15 02:28:58

Audi A8 L Security best

GoVicarious 2017-Jul-14 02:28:18

why didnt they use an M car?

desmore thomas
desmore thomas 2017-Jul-13 01:22:00

whoever thought of this is a genius

Grand Theft Chickens
Grand Theft Chickens 2017-Jul-11 15:58:09

she said "my name lily rader"

NP WN 2017-Jul-10 04:41:07

thanks bmw , big action