BMW Films: The Escape


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2016-Oct-23 22:04:05
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The Escape, featuring the All-New 2017 BMW 5 Series. To learn more about this film, visit

Arcade Assassin
Arcade Assassin 2017-Apr-24 22:14:54

greatest car commercial ever made. by the way does anyone else think Clive Owen would make a great 007

Tincho Carabassa
Tincho Carabassa 2017-Apr-23 03:42:20

Soundtracks ??

J.J Brothers
J.J Brothers 2017-Apr-22 15:13:36

very bad BMW "commercial", I have seen better, the focus on this is the shooting and not the car 😂

faid ikbar fathuddin
faid ikbar fathuddin 2017-Apr-20 06:56:55

bmw omg

faisal7137 2017-Apr-18 17:32:58

😢 My dream

Kaithegreat HD
Kaithegreat HD 2017-Apr-14 19:00:50

No Audis or Mercedes Benz Vehicles were harmed in the making of this film

RSElgin 2017-Apr-14 18:47:54

Plot twist, they leave the garage and the car goes into fail safe.

Gary Lam
Gary Lam 2017-Apr-14 12:22:59

nice car !

Floris Jongbloed
Floris Jongbloed 2017-Apr-13 09:01:50

The description and the back of the car say it's a 545i, but at the speedometer says M4? Are there two different cars featured, or does M4 just mean "Manual 4th gear"?

Bad Cornflakes
Bad Cornflakes 2017-Apr-13 00:45:56

Transporter anyone?

Max Maxime
Max Maxime 2017-Apr-11 17:32:11


d smith
d smith 2017-Apr-08 04:56:47

great audio!

desmond slabberts
desmond slabberts 2017-Apr-07 07:13:39

why shoot and hurt the BMW ????? thats not cool !!!!!!!

no name
no name 2017-Apr-06 13:49:41

sick bmw auidi benz

sergey ivanenko
sergey ivanenko 2017-Apr-06 07:40:01

buy BMW

Sohum Patel
Sohum Patel 2017-Apr-06 01:50:59

They tried to edit out the fuel injectors to make the 540i sound completely quiet but they failed.

Zlatan Antunez
Zlatan Antunez 2017-Apr-03 23:54:39


Ross Reid
Ross Reid 2017-Apr-03 21:34:32

I'm putting my dick in a blender

james lyddall
james lyddall 2017-Apr-03 08:02:36

isnt the guy with the beard the actor from 13 hours in Benghazi? new social network new social network 2017-Apr-03 05:26:44

lol the ad is good