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2017-Jan-10 18:00:03
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Mercedes has brought its new E Class Coupé to Detroit 2017. We take a look at what could be one of the plushest two doors on the road. Subscribe for more Carfection videos: Join the Carfection community... Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter:

Jay Hooper
Jay Hooper 2017-Feb-08 16:20:43

I love it.

Peter Sothern
Peter Sothern 2017-Jan-12 17:47:48

it looks good but I don't like the back lights. they look awful

mjncad 2017-Jan-12 09:01:37

This thing looks like a Toyota Solara.

You can thank all the Gummint regulations that have turned everything into look alike blobs regardless of manufacturer and price point. Jay Leno is right, the late 1960's is when the era of design freedom started to end.

fish fingers
fish fingers 2017-Jan-11 13:13:21

Interior is great

Timo B.
Timo B. 2017-Jan-11 08:49:10

Nice video! Not to be a hater because I think you're awesome, but a 3-piece suit? In that color? With sneakers? C'on.. If you want to rock it buy a navy blue 3 piece suit, black dress shoes and a red tie. And tie it properly! Finish it off with a shirt with french cuffs matching your shoe-color and you're good to go. Other than that, nice Mercedes amigo!

Pramit Bose
Pramit Bose 2017-Jan-11 08:34:51

I cant figure out why people are calling this ugly.ya it may be identical to the c and s class.but it itself is beautiful with the coupe line and proportions.the tail lights are amazing i feel

gothops154 2017-Jan-11 05:56:47

The sedan is much nicer and has better lines. The fact that this car has 4 pillars (b and c in the window) really kills it for me

Grab Mint
Grab Mint 2017-Jan-11 05:54:34

White trainers with a 3 piece dark suit. What are you, a child. Grow up. (And change the name back to XCAR)

Elmar Roetz
Elmar Roetz 2017-Jan-11 05:52:55

These guys is so amazing
They put so much work in their videos

Ali Al H
Ali Al H 2017-Jan-11 03:45:52

Rear looks horrible compared to the old one

Tail finz
Tail finz 2017-Jan-11 02:09:20

as much as i hate copied designs across their range I cannot deny mercs seem to have the best interiors of any cars, sply in white with ambient lighting.

Austin Duffy
Austin Duffy 2017-Jan-11 01:41:49

"My $100,000 car looks almost identical to a $60,000 car and a $40,000 car"

Rich people problems.

bArda26 2017-Jan-11 01:30:35

omg that rear on new mercedeses are killing me! do you have to make it same for all the cars

Carl Tchatchouang
Carl Tchatchouang 2017-Jan-11 01:03:12

It's amazing to see how far you guys have come since xcar. Now you guys are arguably the best automotive channel on youtube. I like how consistent you are with the quality of the videos and how frequently you post new videos. keep up the good work.

Komor Uddin
Komor Uddin 2017-Jan-11 00:55:06

Why's alex dressed as an undertaker but with trainers instead of shoes

Hasan Al-habbobi
Hasan Al-habbobi 2017-Jan-10 23:59:08

Could be better, but I like it, I think amg will do the trick.

SimplyBored 2017-Jan-10 23:22:45

Mr. World Wide ?

Yussnan84 2017-Jan-10 23:01:02

Looks fantastic, the people saying looks like a C coupe need some glasses.

anotherone10 2017-Jan-10 21:23:56

How to be a Mercedes designer: Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V

john m
john m 2017-Jan-10 21:08:53

I don't really agree on the styling, it's very round and fussy and in my opinion looks like it could be a cheap pacific rim brand. The interior looks very nice but from what I hear the controls are awful. The irony is that BMW with the worst interiors in this segment still do the best infotainment.