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Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 2017-Jul-10 05:14:13

Somerset Mall?

TheWaffleSeal Mrnjavac
TheWaffleSeal Mrnjavac 2017-Jul-07 12:12:44

R.I.P BMW we will always remember you!

Shady Krook
Shady Krook 2017-Jun-30 03:38:34

omg Somerset I live one minute away from there!!! please come back and visit Michigan

Emil Tackman
Emil Tackman 2017-May-20 22:57:54

"you gotta Watch out for the mustang drivers" mustang driver crashes into ice

Hastent Motions PC
Hastent Motions PC 2017-Apr-21 19:53:09


Hastent Motions PC
Hastent Motions PC 2017-Apr-21 19:53:02


KKilla Ca,m
KKilla Ca,m 2017-Apr-16 18:07:59

"how selfish do you have to be" good thing you don't live in California, I've been hit by ILLEGALS twice.. try getting insurance info from that, they just take off and try to drive away

Jared Reyes
Jared Reyes 2017-Mar-08 23:51:50

People these days are not like they used to be. My car got rear ended in a parking lot and the guy tried to talk me out of not giving me his information saying that it will cost less than 5 dollars and some glue...

GoodToMyself 2017-Mar-03 20:13:01

I imagine Parker acting like he did when he found out someone hit his car as soon as the camera is off.

Matthew Dionne
Matthew Dionne 2017-Mar-03 10:39:53

the academy award goes to

Zachariah Balitzkat
Zachariah Balitzkat 2017-Feb-08 15:27:01

Bro, I just saw you in the M5 on telegraph Monday right off M10! Small world!

Keyboarding 2017-Feb-01 01:05:54

I hate playing the pronoun game.

IntoleravelFTW 2017-Jan-25 14:35:33

yeah two days ago someone ran into my bmw 1 series and didnt leave a note.. Now I have a massive bill to repair because my insurance wont conver it... People have no decency anymore :/

parsa aalamrezaiyeh
parsa aalamrezaiyeh 2017-Jan-25 09:23:22

I got a BMW as my first car. And I notice as soon one of my friends hop in I stat going faster then normal. Why?

Wipsplash 2017-Jan-24 16:13:15

Might be time to cut the M5 loose. It got a muffler delete and super charged because you are getting bored with it and sits out side in all the elements. I hate seeing it get hacked up piece by piece. I'm not hating, just saying once these machines are gone, they are gone.

Big Boss
Big Boss 2017-Jan-23 04:19:57

This guy just completely TOTALED his Mustang .

Victor Rykowski
Victor Rykowski 2017-Jan-22 16:20:20

parkers reaction:-D

I Zombie Overdosed
I Zombie Overdosed 2017-Jan-21 10:46:40

"Watch out for mustang drivers" BANG 💥!

XxIBRAHIMxX11 2017-Jan-20 21:33:40

STS-V not an cts-v

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