Review: 500+HP 2017 BMW M3


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2016-Dec-21 17:00:03
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I review this 2017 BMW M3 with DCT and the following performance mods: JB4 tune, Burger Motorsports intakes, catless downpipes and KW sleeves. What do you think about it? Huge thanks to Joe (@__joeparker__) for letting me review his car! You can follow me on Twitter @Subaruwrxfan, on Instagram @subaruwrxfanofficial, and on Snapchat as 'thesubaruwrxfan'. "Like" the Facebook page for more updates! Business inquires can be directed to subaruwrxfanproductions (at) gmail (dot) com Song is 'Superhero (feat. Chris Linton)' by Unknown Brain and is provided by NoCopyrightSounds. It can be heard in its entirety here: Unknown Brain • • Chris Linton • •

Leslie H.
Leslie H. 2017-Apr-23 21:20:24

This car looks rice right outta the factory! Great! 😆

Jay's Life
Jay's Life 2017-Apr-22 13:16:47

I love to watch car reviews. my favourite bit is always the fast driving. One word of criticism I would say is that at the start they are reviews but then you turn them into very biased reviews. rather than from a neutral stand point.

Good work though mate. I enjoy these. keep it up.

celebritycommenter 2017-Apr-19 05:29:40

Maybe stop talking so fast and annunciate your words. Jesus.

Michal McDaniel
Michal McDaniel 2017-Apr-11 01:37:18


Burles Yeager
Burles Yeager 2017-Apr-07 21:35:59

No sunroof?

Burles Yeager
Burles Yeager 2017-Apr-07 21:35:11

Anyone else see the i8 in the background at

Cj t
Cj t 2017-Apr-03 16:23:10

When BMW decides to make an xdrive M3 then ill buy one

Julian V.
Julian V. 2017-Mar-31 16:12:40


Luis 2017-Mar-29 20:39:29

We all came for

FortuneSeek3rz 2017-Mar-29 11:52:27

Loved the NOS reference. Hadn't heard that one in a while =o)

Jordany Vargas
Jordany Vargas 2017-Mar-29 04:36:01

Wtf this guy looks crazy

GSHeverything _27
GSHeverything _27 2017-Mar-26 22:33:20

my question to you SUBARUWRX, have you ever done a ISF review???

GSHeverything _27
GSHeverything _27 2017-Mar-26 22:28:28

great looking car but I rather have an ISF

J'Mar Joyce
J'Mar Joyce 2017-Mar-23 02:50:17

His reactions are always the best

Kebo Kev
Kebo Kev 2017-Mar-22 23:19:16

fuking sweet car holy shit

DML Channel
DML Channel 2017-Mar-20 12:06:17

Good review... but next time please try to speak faster.

Qasim Nadeem
Qasim Nadeem 2017-Mar-18 16:56:21

he shit his pants in second gear 😂😂

Ryan Tu
Ryan Tu 2017-Mar-18 06:12:04

⏸ at

jo o
jo o 2017-Mar-11 02:37:23

Bmw hands down best handling

Hovotiki 2017-Feb-28 09:47:59

BMW has lost the plot. No steering feel, a move away from manuals. I
owned a 2006 E90 325i with sport package and 6-speed manual, which I
loved. When a parking lot flood killed it, I test drove 2017 m3 and
my thought was that there was , nothing special about
the car anymore.