Here's Why The Mercedes G63 AMG Is Worth $154,000


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2016-Dec-16 23:00:02
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Harout Basmajian
Harout Basmajian 2016-Dec-16 23:17:47

Saw this on my home page. Forgot to click the "Bell" to be notified when they post! Good thing I just did. Make sure you guys click the "Bell" on your favorite channels to be notified when they post!

juste 2017-Jul-24 16:07:31

benz truck

Aron Peters
Aron Peters 2017-Jul-22 06:23:45

This dude makes me want to buy a 40k watch and pawn it for 100 bucks

Aron Peters
Aron Peters 2017-Jul-22 06:21:30

This dude makes me want to buy a bus ticket and never board

Marijonukas 2017-Jul-17 04:39:00

He sounds exactly like Steve T .

Benjamin Ollikainen
Benjamin Ollikainen 2017-Jul-07 15:33:56

This car costs over 400K euros in Finland because cartaxes

Dr.P_Games 2017-Jul-05 23:08:23

the g63 amg is the ideal car for drug dealers around los santos and blaine county.

Just Bonnie
Just Bonnie 2017-Jul-02 22:36:28

The "Peasant Model" Done.

Commenter Guy
Commenter Guy 2017-Jun-30 05:25:33

i thought you were doug demuro but since i am subscribed i watched it

ScriptingLaw 2017-Jun-24 23:39:27

So this video was about a box that sounds like Jesus riding a Harley Davidson into a Garbage disposal, and it's worth 100,000+ dollars. Sounds like a good deal, I'd totally buy that.

Nik'ko Rokkït
Nik'ko Rokkït 2017-Jun-24 16:29:51

this guy is hilarious

Find Country Homes
Find Country Homes 2017-Jun-17 13:20:22

lots of power there and incredible driveline. With such designs within, how could one not want to explore this off road!

Phuck Hugh
Phuck Hugh 2017-Jun-15 21:36:18

I call it the Mercedes Jeep. I see this dude driving one in my area from time to time. It seems over priced. Looks nicer on the inside than the outside. I've only seen them in white. never in any other color.

Stitch Stitchen
Stitch Stitchen 2017-Jun-05 02:58:10

do a Toyota fj cruiser review

Zaid Chalabi
Zaid Chalabi 2017-Jun-03 03:50:08

i'll get one if i win the lottery lol

karim lavji
karim lavji 2017-Jun-01 07:40:30

if its worth that much for its look i wouldnt care

sk88boarding 2017-May-19 05:25:16

you misspelled "glorified jeep wrangler".

Bored apple Fan
Bored apple Fan 2017-May-12 10:40:33

Isn't g63 faster than g65?

Bored apple Fan
Bored apple Fan 2017-May-12 10:37:18

Does this has massage seats?

KingOfShadows1500 2017-May-12 00:36:50

But... What happened to the quirks? Weren't you going to talk about the G63's quirks?